Tommrow is the LAST DAY for "THE MOLE"


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I think it is Steve that is the mole and Jim will win.


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It's an ok show. Not that much happens on it but you almost feel obligated to watch to see who is the Mole. I still have no clue. I thought it was Jim but now I have no clue.

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I know what you mean but im not into all these reality shows. I gotta admit this new reality show coming on FOX called boot camp looks pretty funny.


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What is Boot Camp? I think I might have heard of this and certainly the title would explain it I think...Is this cameras following people going through Boot Camp Drills? If so, that should be funny as hell!


Who was the Mole? I missed the show.


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I would check it out but what for i would even know who it is even when i you find out.
i think the show IDEA was great....but it just didnt keep my attention it was kinda dull really....and im thinking the mole is the young gal myself...last time i saw it it was 2 women and 1 guy left


I tried getting into that show but I just couldn't. It's a shame though. It seemed to have ended up being a better show than I expected it to be. Maybe next time.


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katherine was the mole. I thought that the show was alright. It's no survivor but it's not temptation island


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Umm OK I could careless about thay show never watched it or anything and I am so pissed at Temptation Island that just sucked

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They all suck but Boot Camp does look good i wanna check that show out.


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boot camp is a shit i when thought it for 11 weeks now the going thought it for money
fox need the ass kick