Tonight's lunar eclipse


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Anyone see it? It was clear as hell in the Midwest. I guess its the last one until late 2010. I had a great view from start to finish tonight. Cool shit.



was nice and clear
here in Pa. too

took a few "glampses"
at work tonite



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Yup. Got a nice, clear view of it in Seattle.


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When was it? I just noticed the full moon.


**I move away from the mic to fuck your mother.
It started about 9pm, and it peaked at about 10pm, lasting for about an hour. It was pretty cool to see the shadow creep over the moon and completely cover it.


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Yup seen it. pretty cool Gave my 5 year old a science lesson.
Too much clouds here.

I was not able to see the moon not be there.


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Watched parts of it from work, too damn cold to stay out and watch the whole thing. The moon was bright as hell though.


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Was out in the backyard watching and freezing my ass off. Pretty cool though.

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It frightened and confused me. I sacrificed a chicken and the moon came back. I appeased the Gods.

You're welcome.


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Didn't see it, and still don't really care. I saw a ufo 12 years ago (sober, not on drugs and with a witness) so lunar eclipses don't impress me very much. BTW, I wasn't trying to make a joke about the ufo.


Went outside the bar I was at for a little bit and watched it. Cool to see.
Cold and clear here... when I went out to feed the horses they were like staring at it... weird.