tonight's raw!!


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Tonight, LIVE at 9/8 CT on TNN, The Rock and Rikishi will meet one-on-one on RAW IS WAR, in a match with very unique stipulations, as sanctioned by Mr. McMahon. If The Rock wins, then Triple H gets to choose the final stipulation for the Austin/HHH match at No Way Out. If Rikishi wins, then Stone Cold gets to choose the stipulation!
Win or lose tonight, The Rock at least knows that he will receive a shot at Kurt Angle's World Wrestling Federation Championship at No Way Out. Will Angle or the People's Champion have anything to say about that match? Watch RAW to find out!

Also tonight, Kane and the Undertaker will take on Edge & Christian. The winners of that match will receive a Tag Team Championship match against the Dudley Boyz at No Way Out!

Also tonight, Chris Jericho puts his Intercontinental Championship on the line against "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero. The Hardy Boyz and Lita team up to take on the team of Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn and Terri. And finally, "The One" Billy Gunn has challenged Triple H to a match after "The Game" took him out last Thursday on SmackDown!

You never know what's going to happen when RAW IS WAR emanates from the Continental Airlines Arena tonight at 9/8 CT on TNN!
I did this cause i am too lazy to type. I wish there was a copy and paste option in real life. haha..take it easy peeps, enjoy the show.<IMG SRC="" border=0>
Yeah it should be a good RAW. Hmmm what if HHH wins and gets to choose the stipulation and he chooses HBK as a special ref. And what if HBK costs HHH the match somehow at the PPV then that could lead to a HHH/HBK Wrestlemania match.. HMMMM


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Well I am watching Raw now and they just showed Justin credible he is cool as hell
when he showed,up at the fight with Xpac
damn that was some cool ass shit!

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