Too many stickies and announcements


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There are too fucking many. I would count them but I keep losing track at about 30. At some point you put that much shit up there nobody is going to pay attention anymore.


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yes, they are annoying.... we get it a lot of things happening..


Somebody should sticky this thread!


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perhaps all of the stickies can all be organized into a new section of wackbag dedicated entirely to the suspension


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If it were up to me, I would unsticky the threads I marked in red, and some threads merged. But it isn't up to me, so oh well. The more stickied items there are, the less emphasis each one gets in the eyes of the message board reader.

Sticky: Project: Billboards

Sticky: O&A Fired!

Sticky: XM Investor Meeting: May 25 at 9:00 a.m:Westin Embassy Row Hotel

Sticky: Join the NAB grass roots movement to stop the merger.

Sticky: Listenning to CBS Show with no XM

Sticky: PEST ATTACK: Contact the FCC about the merger

Sticky: Help spread the People Against Censorship banner

Sticky: Poll: The I Cancelled my XM Roll Call Supplemental Poll

Sticky: CALL XM Radio NOW!!!!

Sticky: Big Thanks to HTG!! [MERGED]

Sticky: Call to Truckers

Sticky: Smashed XM Unit Pics & Videos

Sticky: Open Letter to the Pests

Sticky: For those who canceled but were not canceled: SEC Complaint Link

Sticky: Helping The Boys the Fight Against Censorship: Big Thanks and a Call for More Help

Sticky: Plan D: Contact the Media

Sticky: Post a link to your "I Tried To Cancel My XM Account" Audio Here!

Sticky: Plan C - We Need to Keep the Pressure on XM Executives

Sticky: What NOT to do

Sticky: ~~!!**Previously Stickied Items


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i wouldn't think the stickies are going anywhere till june 15 the earliest.

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Considering they all say the exact same shit, I'd have to agree, there is no reason for 30+ stickies/announcements.


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I stopped paying attention to them a while ago. So much of the stuff is outdated. I found myself spending way to much time going back through them all the time trying to find if there have been any updates. I now skip right past them.

Thats just me though, I hope I don't miss anything too important.


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I have a tendency to ignore stickies and announcements no matter what they say.

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But we still havnt an accurate account of how many people actualy wash their backs?


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after all that has happened, all the stickies and all the hubba lub...the free fm show has been really good. ONA are on fire...we should all listen....disgruntled or not...

Who says we aren't listening? CBS actually allowed their testes to drop slightly and kept them on the air. Nobody is boycotting O&A.


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absolutely agreed. at least ten of them can go.

first page is a fucking mess right now


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Yeah way to many Stickies.

I would monitor the page views for a few days, the ones that do not move that much unsticky.

I think the only thing that should be there is info on what to do to help with the attack on XM.

Oh yeah, sticky the sniper appreciation thread, I just thought about the prank and laffed{name}
I don't really get the reason for stickies, unless there's like 2-3 really important posts, I just skip them all, anyway.

And, do we still need to have the "O&A Fired" Thread stickied? Even if it were acurate, and they do get fired.. there's just going to be an "O&A Really Fired" Thread.


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Please don't fucking merge threads. All that does is take 2 different conversations that barely cling to any sort of sense, and completely remove anything that might make them readable. Jesus fuck, that "O&A FIRED!" thread is probably 10-15 different threads thrown together like a plate of spaghetti by now.
can I be a part of F.W.H.A.A.D.C.T.P.B.W.T.M.A.C.A.T.B.P.O.A.G. too:icon_mrgr?

(oh yeah - this thread should be stickied!!)


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I agree because I hate having to scroll past them. I figured I'd just wait until the 15th and PM a mod about it. :)