Top basketball recruit collapses in court after receiving prison sentence.

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Yo, whats wrong wit da beer we got?

Video in the link.

Instead of sifting through scholarship offers, selecting a school and launching his college basketball career as he originally planned, an Ohio high school standout will have to put his dreams on hold.
Tony Farmer, an 18-year-old senior at Garfield Heights High School, received a three-year prison sentence on Tuesday as a result of pleading guilty to kidnapping, felonious assault and other crimes.

The 6-foot-7 forward had been hoping to receive probation after teachers, coaches and family members testified on his behalf. When he learned he'd be going to prison as the judge read his sentence, he crumpled into the arms of a sheriff's deputy and collapsed to the ground in anguish.
In an odd twist, among those in the gallery sobbing in reaction to the judge's decision was the victim herself, Farmer's ex-girlfriend Andrea Lane. Even though the two remain separated since Farmer attacked Lane last April after she didn't want to reconcile their relationship, Lane had previously asked Judge Pamela Barker not to put Farmer in prison.
"I know he was a good person," she said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "I hope he still is."
The entire courtroom scene is depressing and hard to watch because Farmer had such a bright future prior to this incident. Before video cameras caught his altercation with Lane on tape last April in the lobby and parking lot of her apartment complex, Farmer was a consensus top 100 prospect who had drawn interest from the likes of Ohio State, Xavier, Dayton and Michigan State.
What Farmer did was unequivocally wrong and the punishment he received from Barker is appropriate. But unless Barker reduces Farmer's sentence when she reviews it in 180 days, his hopes of playing major college basketball are likely now over.
Video of assault


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Bwa ha ha. I love the look on its face before it collapses.

"You means I won't be able to play bassetballz n' sheit? Ah lawdy!!"


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
eh the eagles will hire him when he gets out.


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Damn 3 yrs for keeping my woman in line is bullshit.

What an asshole and all those people crying for him should be locked up as well because hey lets condone this so he can pursue his bball career. Raise him better you morons. His facial expression is priceless though


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Sports affletes are the most entitled pieces of dogshit. They are worse than cunty pretty women. Everything in this guy's life was handed to him on a silver platter because he could put a synthetic watermelon through a metal circle. I'm thrilled that this woman judge rang his arrogant ass up for 3 years. You can totally tell he expected to get probation and see the judge at half court for his kawlehje bakkaball day-boo. Fuckin' nig.


Edit: I love it at 46 seconds... "I haven't finished yet." Get your ass up, Tobey. The judge isn't done yet.
Is my computer fucking up or was that video really edited that poorly?

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If the poor fella has a singing voice he could still be a Grammy winner...
Too bad he didn't go to trial... could have title 18'd his ass under the Federal Kidnapping Act... oh well.

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This wasn't about him going to skoo to get his learn on and play some bassaball. This was about him getting into the NBA. No rims, Kristal Champagne and having 30 of your closest hood rat friends hanging out in your mansion for you.