Tough Early Female US Marshal passes away


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She became a United States marshal, Lackawanna County's first female police officer, a judo expert and even made Hollywood headlines when she tussled with Jane Fonda.

Now Old Forge native Adele Fiorentini Paul will be laid to rest in her hometown with all of the honors befitting a trailblazing officer of the law.

Mrs. Paul died Sunday, Sept. 29, at the age of 87 in Cleveland, leaving behind a storied career in law enforcement.

"She loved what she did but never bragged about it," said her daughter, 66-year-old Adele Szuhai of Strongsville, Ohio. "I was proud that she was my mom."

While humility held her back, Mrs. Paul had plenty to brag about throughout her career. She moved to Cleveland after graduating from Old Forge High School in 1943. After a few years working as a nurse's aide and chief air raid marshal, by 1956 she was sworn in as Deputy U.S. Marshal for the northern district of Ohio.

"She did it on a bet with my dad," Mrs. Szuhai said. Her father, Ignatius Zacosky, was Mrs. Paul's first husband. She later married Albert Paul.

"When she got picked everyone was surprised," Mrs. Szuhai said.

According to The Cleveland Press, Mrs. Paul, then Mrs. Zacosky, was northern Ohio's first and only female deputy when she was sworn in on July 25, 1956.

As a U.S. marshal, Mrs. Paul spent her time guarding federally protected witnesses and murderers and picking up prisoners before resigning three years into the job. She took a job as a department store detective to spend more time with her young daughter.

As her daughter grew, Mrs. Paul returned to law enforcement as a deputy with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's department in Cleveland, quickly moving up the ranks to sergeant.

During her time in Cleveland, Mrs. Paul had a memorable run-in with actress and fitness instructor Jane Fonda.

"My mother did not like her," Mrs. Szuhai recalled.

Police arrested Ms. Fonda in the Cleveland airport on charges of drug possession on Nov. 3, 1970, and brought her to Cuyahoga County Jail where Mrs. Paul was in charge of 10 matrons and all women prisoners.

When Mrs. Paul tried to bring Ms. Fonda to federal court that morning, the actress resisted.

Ms. Fonda's refusal provoked a wrestling match between the five foot two, judo-expert deputy and five foot eight actress. Mrs. Paul quickly subdued Ms. Fonda, handcuffing their wrists together after Ms. Fonda called her a "fascist pig."

" 'Pig' stands for pride, integrity and guts, and we have all three," said Mrs. Paul of Ms. Fonda's insult, according to an interview that appeared in The Sunday Times on May 2, 1982.
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