Tough Enough 7/5

This show is good. HHH was on the show tonight a he was really good. He was kept it real with what he was talking about and was straight to the point and told them the truth about there business. He scared the shit out of them and one guy quit cause he said he couldnt make the sacrifice of not seeing his family 200 plus days out of the year and being on the road all the time without them seeing him.


I speak the human language
Yeah I finally checked it out this week. Triple H made the show. He was mad blaten with his words. That was awesome. That built dude bowwed out. He was the one I thought would last. He is a huge fuck. I think he is a pussy for leaving for that reason. My point is, you may not see your family all the time, but you are making great money for them. So it's worth it.
Yeah i think he will regret leaving someday cause from what i understand he just met this girl like 3 months ago and what if they break up and she isnt the one. Trust me for the rest of his life everytime he watches RAW or Smackdown or WCW he is gonna be saying WHAT IF??? So he wasnt Tough Enough. I think that black kid who keeps fucking around is gonna be the next one to go.