Tracy Morgan & Rich Vos were stellar today!


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Tracy Morgan & Rich Vos were exceeding funny today. I laughed and laughed.


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is was great to hear tracy on the show. i love that drunk-sounding mother fucker


Hooked on chronic worked for me!!!!!
agreed, was a great show.


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Listening to Tracy right now, he's a scary MFer that cracks me up.

And massive props to Vos!


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Black people are funny.

Tracey is FANTASTIC everytime he is in studio . I wish they had him at XM though because that is where he shines .
Tracy was great, even though he said he was singing Godzilla's theme when it was actually King Ghidorah's. Still, his taste in movies is exemplary.
Vos was great. Really on Fire Friday. The last few appearances he was too reserved, but Friday he just killed.

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Spark it up for The Godfather and say!!!!!
Does Tracy Morgan have ADHD or some shit?