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My girl has been dying to go to NYC for ages and we both have some time off in June so we've decided we're going to make the trip. We'll be driving up from Cincinnati since we both enjoy road trips.

Anyways, where do you guys think would be the best place to stay? We're wanting to do the typical tourist things (Statues of Liberty, broadway play, museums, etc.). Are we better off staying downtown or would it be cheaper to stay out and drive in? taxi in? or is there mass transit in? I'm looking at hotel prices and to stay downtown it's several hundred a night which is a little steep. Any suggestions?
what's your budget? How long are you going to be here? Stays in NY can be expensive.


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3-5 nights and I don't have a definite budget yet...though I'd like to keep it under 4-5k.


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I've spent a bunch of time in NYC (never lived there) over long weekends and such, so here's some advice from the "tourist brain":

Anywhere you stay in the area will be expensive. When's the next time you plan to be visiting NYC? My advice is that if it won't be for a long time after you do this trip, splurge and stay in town. Find some of the boutique hotels online and see if there's one which strikes your fancy (the boutique hotels are the non-chains) unless you have a job where you acquire a lot of hotel points and can stay a night or 2 for free. I did the boutique hotel thing both in NYC and San Francisco when going strictly for vacation some years ago, and it was wonderful.

Also be sure to pick what part of town you want to stay in so that you can plan your activities accordingly. There will be a fee to garage your car no matter where you stay (as a fellow road-tripper and someone who can't easily do public transportation, I feel your pain). Public transportation is readily available via buses and subways, but you'll have to consult the locals about that part.

As for things to do? There are some really fun, non-typical touristy things which can be fun...obviously you'll do the Statue of Liberty and all of that, but, as an example, spending a few hours at the Museum of Television and Radio is really fun....they have archives of just about every major show imaginable (ever watch the very first episode of Sesame Street, for example??). Take in a Broadway show. Find a couple restaurants which look like they fit your tastes well and enjoy the whole experience. Avoid the Planet Hollywoods/Hard Rock Cafes/etc as they are just tourist traps, although I will confess that Madame Tussaud's is fun (and you even learn things). Pick things that you each enjoy (even if they are not the same) and just take it all in.

Adding on after seeing your follow up post re: time and budget - you will probably be fine with 3 full days in NYC (adding a full or half day on either side for travel) and the budget will absolutely accommodate the type of trip I described above. I'm a guuurrrlll so my idea of a great trip might be different than that of a guy, but as I said, pick things you both like and each be willing to give a little, and you'll have a blast.

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I'd try to find something outside of the city ... it's probably going to be a lot cheaper that way.

p.s. There's only one Statue of Liberty ;)


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huh? so you have a budget of 4 or 5 grand yet you think a few hundred a night for a hotel is expensive? A few hundred a night isn't even going to get you a 2 star hotel in the city. If you really have $4k to drop on the trip then you should be targeting $350 a night hotels midtown so you can walk to places like MoMA, CP, The Met, etc


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I've stayed at the St. James. The rooms are not big but you're
just about a block off of Times Square for alot less than a place
like the Millenium Broadway.


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st.james...that IS times square...that is the epitomy of tourist central...not quite getting a unique experience staying there
Yeah.. if you're only in town for a few days, you can afford to stay in town. Anytime I had to put anyone on a hotel (for work) I put them in Jersey or LI to stay on budget most of the time.

It all depends on how you divy it up with the trip. I know there are some places in town that are cheaper than $350, but not many that you'd want to stay at.

Otherwise, see a show, Times Sq, museums of your choice (all over town) restaurants galore (check out Hell's Kitchen), etc. It's a short ride in of you stay out of town too.
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The St. James doesn't look to bad for $187 a night. Thanks for the recommendation. And I assume it being in Times Square, that's a good central location for most things touristy. My employer will actually give me one of those ny pass things for free so I'll let you know how that turns out.


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Even if you stay outside of the city for half the price, you are going to spend anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour traveling each way, not to mention dealing with train schedules or tolls, etc. You're better off staying in the city and parking someplace cheap on the westside.

You just need a basic hotel because you're barely going to be there.

Check out I've gotten some great deals from them.


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I'd sugget staying in the suburbs. White Plains is a very nice area and is only about 30 min to grand central via metro north.


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So if I do stay in town and walk most the places, how much am I looking at for parking for 6 or 7 days? Ballbuster do you know of a garage close to the st. james?


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The hotel usually has a garage attached/affiliated and they can give you rates for parking. Also, check with the girl before making the hotel arrangements - take a look at a few of the hotels online in the same general price range and see what you both prefer for accommodations.

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If you are driving here I suggest staying in Queens or Brooklyn. The cost of putting your car somewhere in the city is way expensive (unless they give it to you for free for staying in a nice room in a fancy hotel). The most a subway/LIRR can be to Time Square from Queens is like half an hour. And that is the most it will be.

The LIRR from/to Bayside is 22 minutes (most). THen you don't have to worry about a car.

If you want to stay in the city. Stay almost anywhere. Stay away from Harlem (not just because of race, but because its not that nice and the hotels are trashy) and stay away from the Bowry. At night, It's gross down there too.

That is my suggestion.

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So if I do stay in town and walk most the places, how much am I looking at for parking for 6 or 7 days? Ballbuster do you know of a garage close to the st. james?
WMB had suggested this site when I asked about parking in the city for an event ... they give you the garages in the area and if you "reserve" in advance you get a discount. For daily rates they're pretty good & you don't have to leave a deposit online which is why I said "reserve" . I don't know how well you'll do on a weekly thing but it might be worth checking out so you can factor in the cost of parking to the whole equation


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You could always try the St Regis.

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So if I do stay in town and walk most the places, how much am I looking at for parking for 6 or 7 days? Ballbuster do you know of a garage close to the st. james?
Aside from checking the site kris mentioned, there's several garages in the area.
A google search of parking by "w 45th st & 6th ave, nyc ny" will show you plenty.
Just be sure they allow overnight parking. Not all do. I use the one just
across the street from the Millennium Broadway on 44th st. You can walk straight
thru the hotel from 44th st to 45th and you come out right by the St James.

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BB1 I stayed at St James for Dannys party and the room was cool for the money... location rocks... the only thing shitty was parking... I think they rocked me almost 30 dollars for overnight.

and its like 6 blocks from St James on that street with all the theaters.


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That's pretty typical for Manhattan.

If you're staying for a few days and never move the
car you can get a break on the price if you look around.


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I'd sugget staying in the suburbs. White Plains is a very nice area and is only about 30 min to grand central via metro north.
I'd have never thought of that, while you are not "near" NYC, you aren't paying NYC prices for a room and your near a major railway to NYC.

My other suggestion would be in Brooklyn. Just Google "Brooklyn Hotels" or use one of the travel sites. Look for something near a subway line like the A train.


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Look, just get a cab to 145th St. in Manhattan. Stand on the corner and announce, "I'm here on vacation and I've only got $4000.00 on me! Anyone know where I can stay a few days?"
Next thing you know, it's Christmas in NYC!!!!