True Detective Season 3 in the works?


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I thought it was great.
I too thought it was great.
It doesn't feel as flashy or showcasey as season 1 or 2 so it doesn't have that "everyone's going to talk about THIS" quality as those seasons, but I think the story and characters are a lot more grounded, which makes it more satisfying in another, probably better, way. Because I thought Season 1 started strong and ended weakly, Season 2 started weak and ended stronger, but this is more consistent throughout. And Stephen Dorff is crushing it.


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I watched the first 3 eps, and sort of went "meh". I'll eventually finish, and see if it gets better.

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I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mahershala Ali is a hell of an actor.


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I thought it was very good. I hope their is another season if they can keep it like this