TRUMP PRESIDENT NAAAHHH!!! and the Trail of Delicious Liberal Tears

Dec 9, 2004
Silverdale, WA
And this just in, Lisa Page's attorney says she will NOT comply with the congressional subpoena.
Strange.....she should be anxious to spill the beans regarding all of the corruption and collusion her department uncovered to finally nail Trump to the wall. I wonder why the hesitance to do so........
Feb 16, 2005
Center Valley, Pa.
Trump laying into Germany for negotiating gas deal with Russia, then wanting protection from Russia.

I hope he smacks up Theresa Clinton when he comes here. I wish he was negotiating Brexit.

I fuckin love this guy. Germany gets a complete and deserved smack down. I think that is Pompeo to his left. He wanted to laugh at the beating trump was giving and then did laugh at the astounishment the press made before shouting out questions. You know someone in the press thought I will get him with a question especially the last one he answered. He smirked at the guy and told him they should never have made that deal.

Brexit would be done if he was your prime minister


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Aug 26, 2002
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BREAKING: Dead Woman Found In Huma Abedin’s Dumpster at New York Building
by Jacob Wohl

A dead woman has been found in the dumpster at the the apartment of Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman Huma Abedin. The body was found by one of the Manhattan apartment building’s maintenance workers inside the trash compactor and reported to police, according to The Daily Mail.

YourNewsWire Reports:
The unidentified female was discovered inside the trash compactor of the Manhattan apartment complex that Huma Abedin and convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner have used as a base for the last 16 years.​

Police had been called to the block at 1 Irving Place in Union Square, after a maintenance worker found the body.​

Police have withheld the identity of the woman, believed to be in her forties, until they notify her family. They do not yet know how she ended up in the trash compactor, or why, and they are refusing to rule out high-profile arrests​

NBC reports her purse, full of cash, was found nearby, however according to the Daily Mail, neighbors told police they assumed their visit was related to Anthony Weiner’s conviction.​

Security footage also shows the woman walking into Abedin and Weiner’s apartment building shortly before she was found inside the trash compactor, PIX11 reported.​
Police have not stated whether they have persons of interest in the case.