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Lost in a dream
Nothing is what it seems
Searching my head
For the words that you said

Tears filled my eyes
As we said our last goodbyes
The sad scene replays
Of you walking away

My body aches from mistakes
Betrayed by lust
We lied to each other so much
That in nothing we trust

Time and again
She repeats let's be friends
I smile and say yes
Another truth bends,
I must confess

I try to let go, but I know
We'll never end 'til we're dust
We lied to each other again
But I wish I could trust

My body aches from mistakes
Betrayed by lust
We lied to each other so much
That in nothing we trust

God help me please, on my knees
Betrayed by lust
We lied to each other so much
Now there's nothing we trust

How could this be happening to me
I'm lying when I say, "Trust me"
I can't believe this is true
Trust hurts
Why does trust equal suffering

Absolutely nothing we trust
wow thats some good lyrical writing you don't see that much today. Sounds like a song that jim morrison and kurt cobain would colaborate on.
That was the most i think he has said in the last few weeks!!!LOL Those are some sweet lyrics.



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Great lyrics never heard the song
but cool
Yeah im not really a Megadeath fan but i just might have to get that one off of napster.



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yes napster is good jay to get songs like that

Yeah i usually try to get songs that i havent heard in awhile and i also try to find new stuff.



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Yes great lyrics. We should all think about them and use them in our everyday life-Lyrics like that should be practiced as we preach them shouldnt they? oh well

Im not insane,ask my shrink. He will tell you I am a skitzo but Im telling you I am not, and neither am I


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Trust, a relationship is nothing without trust....also a relationship shouldn't be based on a LIE....a lie persay is like I'm 19...and then 2 months later...ok I'm really everyone needs....and also something I never give my advice is TRUST NOONE!

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Almost Honest

I lied just a little
When I said I need you
You stretched the truth
When you said that you knew
Just can't believe it
There's nothing to say
I was almost honest, almost

Living alone, can't stand this place
It's four in the morning and I still see your face

I was nearly pure
When I said I loved you
You were semi-sincere
You said I'd bleed for you
We were kind of candid
Now you've gone away
You were almost honest, almost

Living alone, falling from grace
I want to atone but there's just empty space
I can't face tomorow, now you're not coming back
Walked off in the night and just left me the tracks

I question your call by the tone of your voice
I know I should hang up but I don't have a choice
It happend that night when you told me to go
Don't ask who's to blame, I don't know

Almost, almost honest
Almost, I was almost honest
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