Try and talk back... to me again


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Great, fantastic comment on this here:

Power vs. Authority

A spectacular example of this has been captured by 20-year-old Brett Darrow. Last Friday, Darrow captured, on video, an arrogant, abusive, foul-mouthed, illiterate, cretinous, power-intoxicated simian by the name of Sgt. Kenline [actually, Kuehnlein -- see update and correction below] threatening to perjure himself to justify arresting the motorist -- simply because Darrow wasn't properly submissive to somebody wearing a State-issued costume.

"Try and talk back ... to me again," snarled Kenline, who took offense when Darrow politely and compliantly asked what violation justified his detention: Merely asking an agent of the State to justify such an action, you see, is grounds for arrest. And Kenline understands that he has the power -- not the authority, mind you, the power -- to commit acts of violence against Darrow to deprive him of his freedom, and then lie about the circumstances afterward.


Bastard coated bastard w/ bastard filling
Can't wait for the douchebag apologists here to start in with the 'well there's always a few bad eggs' drivel.


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poor cop, his penis must be so small.....

perhaps he is upset that the voices in his head won't shut up!

I lived in Missouri while I went to college and I can verify those guys are glorified rent-a-cops who dream of some day becoming Barney Fife


Bastard coated bastard w/ bastard filling
Gee, who saw THIS coming?

The video from the camera mounted on the officer's squad car has mysteriously disappeared. Golly. Wonder how that happened?

Turns out that the cop in question was able to get a judge to expunge his criminal he could become a police officer. Those records were also helpfully sealed, making it difficult for the public to learn that, for example, the cop was once arrested for assault.