Tuesday 8/13/2002-Ant Doesn't Want Children; Ask Francine;Brother Joe as "Edge"


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Aug 14, 2000
O&A talk about the Anna Nicole Smith Show. They then describe her putting an ern of half of her former husband next to her bed of her new house. They think that she is given ideas by producers on what to do. Adam Ferrara is in the studio.


Anthony is infuriated with Mayor Bloomberg for suggesting a possible smoking ban in all bars. Anthony says to leave it up to the owner of the bar. "It should not be legistated, it should be up to the individual bar owners." " It is an afront to personal freedoms." "People cannot smoke anywhere." "They want no smoking at the beaches and parks." Norton says They should care more about the buildings downtown instead of carring about smoking ban. "Jackass" Anthony says it should be up to the business owner. Opie looks for non-smoking restaurants. Opie says there should be a place where people can smoke. Norton brings up alcohol affecting drunk driving since runk driving kills more people than second hand smoke. Norton says that people should be allowed to smoke in their area. Opie mentions "The Tomb" the only smoking section of an arena that was horrible. Anthony says that is taking away from personal freedom. Opie says "Government is deciding what is good for me." Anthony says if anything should be outlawed, it should be tobacco. Anthny realizes that there is a huge southern economy supporting the tobacco industry. Norton says to ban the baby diapers dumping in the beaches. "Swallow them whole, tenderising down they go." Anthony says that kids are great when they are other peoples. Anthony mentions Buddy, who drink lots of beer at the softball game. Buddy is a pack mule now. He has to carry a bag with a baby stuff, set up the baby seats, put up with the crying, and etc. Opie brings up Christmas means nothing to some people but now they live it through their child's eyes. Anthony uses the metaphor of the bean pod people to describe the change after people have children. Anthony says "I don't want to fall asleep next to the bean pod" Opie says "It is a different part of life, It does not have to be that way." Anthon says, "It is." Anthony doesn't want to be that way. "It is the end of spontenatity. You have to care of the kid. It is a god damn jail sentence.". Anthony doesn't want to worry about children. Brother Joe calls up. Anthony mentions his gig at bar 9. Anthony doesn't like the whole partnership relationship: no more sucking and f-ing. Anthony then describes where he lives "lead paint, burring cauldrons of wax, and burring coat hangers." Norton says that he hears stories of people having kids and he wants them to fall down the stairs. Anthony doesn't like the kid coming first and everything else coming second and third.
Opie talks about a kid protectile vommiting when he went to a restaurant. The parents left immediately. Ant tallks about going from Philly to NYC to get cigarettes as a sign of his freedom. Anthony describes what he heard kid doing at an airport when he was trying to get some rest: "WAAAAAAA! WAAAAAAAAAA!" Anthony says to "grab your friggin rat and show that people are sleeping." "Kids are so inconsiderate." Norton says, "It doesn't talke a village, it takes you." Martini Steve takes a video of Ant impersonating what he heard at the airport. Steve leaves with his music.

break 4:00
An instant feedbacker says that he likes seeing his children affect the sleeping people at airports. Opie thinks something is wrong with Anthony. Anthony played with dinasour models while Brother Joe played softball. Anthony doesn't want his freedoms resctricted. They play Bonaza music while a baby cries affecting what Anthny could do out in the plains as a cowboy. Play Head out on the Highway while a baby is crying and Anthony pretends to ride a motorcycle. Anthony thinks he feels this way because of how horrible his father felt as a father.

Tool is at Radio City Music Hall. Opie doesn't have tickets. Adam Ferrara is in the studio. Keith the Cop is in studio. Anthony says that Keith needs a theme song. Steve snuck in the studio. He is wearing a monocle. He got it online. He also has black socks. Opie says the monocle is a stupid invention. Martini Steve leaves.
Wheelchair Fred Calls up. Tells of a whale watching trip with other criples. He tried to hit on other girls but got none. He has Pat Benatar tickets. He has a male shaped dildo.

O&A try to do Ask Francine. They play a new theme song for Francine.
O&A cannot play Mary's Francine song(the orginal) becaus Mary, who did the high parts, was fired. Martini Steve also changed the words. He did the high voice in the new song. Francine's hair is relaxed. Norton used the word "nappy" to describe it.


Ask Francine
Francine is asked how to get the Mariners to win.
Mareners should get their fans to threaten them with death to encourage them to win.

She is asked if she believes in ghosts. She believes in ghosts because she feels like dead relatives are touching her when she is in the shower. Her back gets cold in the shower. She used to watch Uncovered Mysteries.

A guy says that he gets laid twice a year and wants to know how to spice up his love life. She says to swap wives and go to one of these camps and bang away. Trade wives.

Francine is asked how to solve the problems in Israel. Francine says to ignore the war between Israel and Palestine. It solves the problem by not having them on CNN. She used to watch CNN as a child.

She is asked what type of cookie does she like out of all the choices of cookies. She says that she likes the orginal cookies because selecting the orginal type is the best one when making choices between many varities. Oreo cookies are round black and filled with filling.

She is asked to explain the ending to Fight Club. That is the movie with Brad Pit and the ugly guy. He has been 2 people the whole movie Edward Norton is the ugly guy. She has an alter ego as well. She is smart and snotty with her alter ego. She thinks she is smart.

She is asked about Scientology. She asked her father about this one. It is based on L. Ron Huberts own theory that we are all aliens.

A guy asks where to find old women to date. She thinks guys should got to Starbucks and caishers and park benches for old ladies. She calls him a faggot. He is in college. She think She doesnt like Bucaky Videos.

She is asked whether Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. She says yeah because she is never going to visit it.

She is asked what kind of car she likes. She would like a white volkswagon Cavorley She likes BMW.

Brother Joe looks like Vin Diesel. Rick carrys in a sign "The Fat and the Furious." Anthoy says that he should buff out and f everything that moves. They guess his tribute band is of Backstreet and he is the cool one with the gottee. Some other guesses are Smitherines, Queen, and Patty Duke.
His tribute band is U2. He plugs a site: www.joshtree.com
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