Tuesday, February 19th - Patrice O'Neal benefit show!

Bill Lehecka

Whiny Man Baby
Tyler Stout is selling 100 copies of the Patrice poster he has left. Apparently Mr. Ross bought up the remainder and gave them to Tyler to do with as he pleased. He's donating the money made to another charity.

Snap one up now if you missed it.


From Tyler:

additionally, awhile back i was asked to contribute artwork to a benefit for patrice o'neal's family. the piece i did ended up being used as the poster sold at the event. additionally, the guy behind the event, danny ross, generously paid for my copies. since its a benefit poster, i figured it'd be appropriate to donate the proceeds on my end to something important. last october, i saw this piece, about a man named ryan woods, who was younger than myself and going through a terminal illness. i saw that he actually lived not that far from me, with his wife and two kids. he passed away inNovember of 2012, and i wanted to be able to contribute in some way to his family. and now i can. or you can, actually. i have 100 prints, and will sell them at $40 apiece, and all proceeds will go towards his family. assuming all sell, it should be 4k exactly. i'll post a paypal receipt afterwards for further verification, just so people know its all above board and i'm not doing anything scammy.
Danny Ross, single-handedly behind the event. Bill Burr was chopped liver.