TV Reporter Suspended Over Ambush of Home Defender Who Killed Two


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KDFW Suspends Rebecca Aguilar After Controversial "Ambush"
Wed Oct 17, 2007 at 03:30:29 PM

A few days after receiving a major award, KDFW-Channel 4's Rebecca Aguilar has been suspended from the Fox affiliate.

Monday night, KDFW-Channel 4 ran a piece about 70-year-old James Walton, owner of Able Walton Machine & Welding in West Dallas, who, early Sunday morning, shot and killed and man trying to break into his business. What made Walton's story so extraordinary was that it was the second time he'd killed an intruder in three weeks. As it happens, Walton also lives at his place of business.

But today you will not find the Fox4 story on the station's Web site; there's a page for it, but no accompanying video. (Update: It's available here.) That's because Rebecca Aguilar's piece elicited a torrent of outrage, both on local blogs (chiefly FrontBurner but also elsewhere) and from viewers who began deluging the station with angry calls Monday night and much of the day yesterday. As Trey Garrison pointed out on D's blog:
This is her idea of journalism? Ambushing a 70-year-old man who has been through life-and-death twice in three weeks? "Are you a trigger happy kind of person? Is that what what you wanted to do? Shoot to kill?" Good Lord, I hate the people in this field.

Well, Trey need not worry about Aguilar, at least for a while: Unfair Park has confirmed that Aguilar -- who was just named one of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists' Broadcast Journalists of the Year -- has been indefinitely suspended, based on concerns about how Aguilar treated Walton. She could not be reached for comment, but Unfair Park did leave Aguilar a message on her cell phone. (When we tried her number in the newsroom, another woman answered and said, "Rebecca isn't available today.") We also left a message for Maria Barrs, the station's news director. --Robert Wilonsky



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i guess it must be nice to be able to hide the truth

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all gone

i guess it must be nice to be able to hide the truth
I just watched it via the Bud's second post. There's some commentary in the beginning they'll play a portion of the video, comment some more etc

Basically, the woman ambushed the guy and asked some really stupid questions. The man is 70 years old for pete's sake. If he were really a trigger happy fool, he'd have shot more than the 2 who broke into his place.


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Damn, I miss Texas sometimes. I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area from ages 18-26: some real formative years for me.


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