TV Star dies from cobra bite. ...sniff


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Flower Whiskers, the matriarc of the Whiskers clan on Meerkat Manor died from a cobra bite while defending her clans territory.

There are no simple, intuitive turns on the long road out of bereavement. We know this from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. We know this from Joan Didion. We know this from the fans of “Meerkat Manor,” for whom the past 10 days have made up a 240-hour period of magical thinking.

On Sept. 28 viewers witnessed Flower, matriarch of the Whiskers clan, one of the warring colonies of meerkats followed by this popular telenovela-style nature series on Animal Planet, die warding off a snake in the Kalahari desert. So seriously has the incident been taken in certain pockets of the culture that the wire service U.P.I. issued a report on Oct. 1 that began:
“Flower, one of the furry stars of the Animal Planet documentary series ‘Meerkat Manor,’ has died after being bitten by a cobra in South Africa.”

It proceeded in the earnest tone of an obituary, leaving you to wonder why a phrase like “Services to be held at Temple Emanuel next Friday” had been omitted.

Though the death had been foretold in advertisements, which announced an impending tragedy that would change things forever, few seemed prepared for the bloody eventuality of Flower’s end, her tiny head swollen from infection, the melancholy music that accompanied her never-to-be-resumed breaths. Flower had fallen protecting her cubs. Imagine Nancy Botwin taking a bullet for her sons Silas and Shane on “Weeds” as a rival drug lord invaded her patio, and you get the idea.

“Flower was a formidable leader and a noble mother,” the narrator Sean Astin quietly elegized. “The desert has lost its favorite rose.”


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[tony danza] thoughts and prayers to the Whiskers family [/tony danza]


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I just started watching this show last week and the second episode I see is that one. I will admit that it choked me up and kinda turned me off of the show.
For the record the whole clan fought the cobra once then lost track of it trying to save a baby that got seperated from a tribe that they fought earlier. The cobra went into Flower's baby den. The clan got back and all piled up at the entrance and would not go in, but Flower charged right in and later came out with a bite to the face. They didn't say what happened to the snake or the babies and 2 babysitters.


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I remember the time we almost lost "Macho Man" Randy Savage that way....I see Jake "The Snake" Roberts is up to his old tricks.

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I've got season 1 & 2 on DVD and watched the "marathon" Animal Planet had last weekend to catch myself up with Season 3.

I teared up when Flower died. It was vewy vewy sad. As far as I know the snake slithered away and the babysitters & the babies were fine. Flower died saving her children, which made her a very brave widdle meerkat.

And since there are no more females for her partner Zaphod to mate with, he's going to have to leave the gang, which is going to be another sad episode.

Animal Planet's Obituary:
Flower, star of Animal Planet's popular series, Meerkat Manor, is survived by loving mate Zaphod and many children including Mozart, Mitch, Buster, Suggs and Izzy. Flower leaves behind a devastated meerkat mob now without its fearless leader. From humble beginnings, she created one of the largest, most close-knit families on the Manor. Affectionately referred to as the "Kalahari Desert Rose" by those who knew her best, she was a formidable leader and a noble mother.

Flower, born in 2000 and the matriarch to her family, the Whiskers, lived large for a 12-inch-tall meerkat. Under her reign, the Whiskers endured trials and tribulations, ranging from sibling rivalries to violent clashes with the Commandos and the Zappas, their neighboring rival families. Despite the chaos, Flower remained a source of stability for her family, often making life-or-death decisions without breaking a sweat or cracking a claw. An inspiration to her tribe, this fearless female was no "girly-girl." Flower ruled her family with an iron paw but still revealed her softer side when indulging in cuddles with her newborns or playing in the dirt.

Flower might have lived to see future generations of Whiskers if her life wasn't cut tragically short when she came face-to-masked-face with the snake that tragically dealt her final and fatal blow. Sadly, the Whiskers have felt the stinging bite of tragedy before, having lost Shakespeare, the heroic and valiant son of Flower, last winter.

The family has asked that all donations be made in Flower's name to the Fellow Earthlings' Wildlife Center.


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At least lil' Whiskers died doing something she loved.


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This is why I don't watch animal shows. It's bad enough the dog on House had me crying this week.:(


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Yea, it sucks that she died. Wikipedia had it up about 2 months ago, but I was still surprised when it happened. First, Carlos (the shifty male), then Flower. The show might suck now. Rocket Dog blows. It's kind of like a sitcom where the old characters leave, and a bunch of new one's come in...lame.


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I remember the time we almost lost "Macho Man" Randy Savage that way....I see Jake "The Snake" Roberts is up to his old tricks.


Fucking classic:clap: "AH AHHHHH RANDY" R.I.P. Mrs Elizabeth,,,ya whore:D

and too bad about that lil thing,,,I watched that show a while ago,,,seems like the people who created the show are just waiting for one to get eaten or something bad to bad to happen.


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I think it is cute...I think.


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I was a little teary eyed at the end of the Discovery Channel special "Living with Wolves". The two scientists who lead the study went back to the tribal lands a year after releasing the wolves to the wild. The whole pack remembered the scientists. Even the alpha male of the pack rolled on it's back and became submissive which is unheard of in the wild.