TV's 'Mr. Wizard' Don Herbert Dies at 89


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I used to watch him as a kid.

Jun 12, 6:41 PM EST

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- Don Herbert, who as television's "Mr. Wizard" introduced generations of young viewers to the joys of science, died Tuesday. He was 89. Herbert, who had bone cancer, died at his suburban Bell Canyon home, said his son-in-law, Tom Nikosey.

"He really taught kids how to use the thinking skills of a scientist," said former colleague Steve Jacobs. He worked with Herbert on a 1980s show that echoed the original 1950s "Watch Mr. Wizard" series, which became a fond baby boomer memory.

In "Watch Mr. Wizard," which was produced from 1951 to 1964 and received a Peabody Award in 1954, Herbert turned TV into an entertaining classroom. On a simple, workshop-like set, he demonstrated experiments using household items.

"He modeled how to predict and measure and analyze. ... The show today might seem slow but it was in-depth and forced you to think along," Jacobs said. "You were learning about the forces of nature."

Herbert encouraged children to duplicate experiments at home, said Jacobs, who recounted serving as a behind-the-scenes "science sidekick" to Herbert on the '80s "Mr. Wizard's World" that aired on the Nickelodeon channel.

When Jacobs would reach for beakers and flasks, Herbert would remind him that science didn't require special tools.

"'You could use a mayonnaise jar for that,'" Jacobs recalled being chided by Herbert. "He tried to bust the image of scientists and that science wasn't just for special people and places."

Herbert's place in TV history was acknowledged by later stars. When "Late Night with David Letterman" debuted in 1982, Herbert was among the first-night guests.

Born in Waconia, Minn., Herbert was a 1940 graduate of LaCrosse State Teachers College and served as a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot during World War II. He worked as an actor, model and radio writer before starting "Watch Mr. Wizard" in Chicago on NBC.

The show moved to New York after several years.

He is survived by six children and stepchildren and by his second wife, Norma, his son-in-law said. A private funeral service was planned


He was stupid. I was lucky. I will visit him soon.
I used to watch him as a kid.
Yep, me too.

He looked pretty old then, I am actually surprised he was still alive.

At any rate, he was the man.
Crap i feel bad .i thought he died years ago.
RIP "Mr. Wizard"
He showed me how to burn up stuff!


You can go fuck.
I used to watch this fucker all the time as a kid. Dare I say he helped inspire me towards a life in science.


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This guy fucking ruled. Thought he'd have died years ago by now, but I'm glad it made fark as a headline. RIP Mr. Wizard. I'm sure a lot of adult scientists were inspired by this guy.


Like pretty much everyone else, I thought he died already


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
the world has lost great scientist.

rip mr wizard

CM Mark

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We're gonna need another Timmy!!!!!!

Oh wait, that was Mister Lizard.

yeah, I watched him pretty much every morning. really got me into science, just like watching Square One in the afternoon got me into math. he will be missed.


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I miss seeing him on Nickelodian followed by another show he did about sciencentific breakthroughs
I know he was around way before this, but I remember getting up early in the 80s to watch him on Nickelodeon. I really enjoyed his show; one of the best presentations of science to younger people in my view.

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Damn, I'm starving. Hey Earl, we got and bos taurus back there?


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Got hooked on science from Mr. Wizard. Still rememebr my mom getting pissed when I ruined the dining table with a baking soda + vinegar Volcano.


What's black and white and red all over?

Wait. What?

Razor Roman

No one else thought he was a kid toucher? Always having young children over to work on "science experiments"? Think he ever made a vinegar and baking soda volcano in a young lad's ass cave?

too soon?


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Man he was old. RIP.


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No just an obvious hack joke that you could hear every Wednesday night in 1987 on open mic night.

On the other hand, Mr. Wizard rocked. He helped make me the geek that I am today.

Razor Roman

No just an obvious hack joke that you could hear every Wednesday night in 1987 on open mic night.

On the other hand, Mr. Wizard rocked. He helped make me the geek that I am today.
I used to enjoy his show too.

And without him, we wouldn't have those delightful characters Beekman and Bill Nye the Science Guy.


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Yep, he ruled. Sux.

I used to love when he'd get a dumb kid on there and would have to backtrack and explain it more in-depth than he planned to. :)