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Tweets from Cleveland & The Blind Pig from Anthony, Jimmy and Staff

Discussion in 'Cool Internet Videos' started by SOS, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. SOS

    Wackbag Staff

    Aug 14, 2000
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    JimNorton View from the stage at The Blind Pig in Cleveland. twitpic.com/9eh6lf about 1 hour ago

    JimNorton Crazy crowd here do far. twitpic.com/9egp9l about 2 hours ago

    JimNorton At the Blind Pig in Cleveland going on soon. about 3 hours ago

    JimNorton In the Ohio Theater preparing for tomorrow night's special. twitpic.com/9eflfe about 4 hours ago

    JimNorton On my way to @alancoxshow in Cleveland. It's rainy and cold. I love Cleveland! twitpic.com/9e4emj 1 day ago

    JimNorton In airport. @AnthonyCumia just got me SO fucking good. 1 day ago

    JimNorton Exactly two seconds -- How long I was in the van with @AnthonyCumia before I ripped a gasser. #HelloCleveland 1 day ago

    cleohbjj I have 4 tickets for the @JimNorton show Saturday in Cleveland - 7:30 show - hit me up if you want them 2 days ago

    Retweeted by JimNorton

    JimNorton CLEVELAND VENUE CHANGE FOR OPIE & ANTHONY LIVE SHOW. No more Hard Rock, we will be at The Blind Pig, 1228 West 6th St. On FRIDAY 3-7 pm. 2 days ago


    AnthonyCumia My Veiw. img.ly/hvJ7 18 minutes ago

    AnthonyCumia The terrorists win! Thaaahhhhhhh..Terrorists WINNN!! youtube.com/watch?v=KAkqq-… #ProfilingWorksLetsUseIt about 5 hours ago

    AnthonyCumia RT @NotoriousWojo @AnthonyCumia You really want people to know what hotel you are at? -It's Cleveland. We could use the excitement. about 6 hours ago

    AnthonyCumia "Good morning Mr. Breakfast!!!!" img.ly/huSh about 6 hours ago

    AnthonyCumia RT @neontaster I just cracked a rib laughing from that. Where's the fake Nick Jonas video? -Jim thinks its Nick Jonas: youtube.com/watch?v=Q7s42n… about 7 hours ago

    AnthonyCumia Our van driver was just trying to have fun by "hilariously joking" with us. Chip has no clue and ruins everything. youtube.com/watch?v=OCzxiu… about 7 hours ago

    AnthonyCumia Afternoon show tomorrow. 4-7pm means the real fun people are still out having fun. img.ly/htF3 about 17 hours ago

    AnthonyCumia Newark Airport. We see a young lad with a guitar who looks like Nick Jonas. We know Jimmy cant resist. And Jimmy cant. youtube.com/watch?v=Q7s42n… about 23 hours ago

    AnthonyCumia Hello Cleveland! img.ly/hssu 1 day ago

    AnthonyCumia Just convinced @JimNorton that a guy with curly hair at the airport was Nick Jonas. Oh, he bit. Still laughing our balls off. Have video. 1 day ago

    AnthonyCumia Can we save time and resources at the airports and use profiling please? img.ly/hrZk #Useless 1 day ago

    AnthonyCumia RT @onlykirk Happy Birthday @AnthonyCumia, you fucking racist child molesting twat. -I'm no twat sir. 1 day ago

    notsam Pumped for the live O&A Cleveland Broadcast- my PreShow starts at 3pm et. #OACleveland about 5 hours ago

    notsam Woman next to me on the plane just checked her pits for BO. Surprise, it's you! about 10 hours ago

    notsam Athletic Breakfast #Sporty instagr.am/p/J7A7q8xGt1/ about 11 hours ago

    notsam@tkortz:@notsam are u still doing the before show tomm? At the pig place?” Yes I'll be doing the O&A PreShow at 3pm et live from Cleveland about 22 hours ago

    notsam@cokelogic: @notsam You doing the pre-show tomorrow: been studying the XFL pre-show tapes?” I have more faith in the main show than that about 24 hours ago

    Erocks Tweets

    erockradio O&A Live In Cleveland pic.twitter.com/9Hoyj7kr about 3 hours ago

    erockradio 'Before O&A Live' in Cleveland pic.twitter.com/xIJpvKBw about 4 hours ago

    erockradio Full house for 'Before O&A Live' with @notsam at 'The Blind Pig' in Clevelad pic.twitter.com/4vlgGJff about 4 hours ago

    erockradio More enter for O&A Live in Cleveland pic.twitter.com/gkrWORi9 about 4 hours ago

    erockradio The crowd enters at 'The Blind Pig' for O&A Live in Cleveland pic.twitter.com/HsrOU6OH about 4 hours ago

    erockradio O&A Live at 'The Blind Pig' in Cleveland. Lines are down the street, and down the next street! Doors open @ 2:30pm pic.twitter.com/ZTUc5MYH about 4 hours ago

    erockradio @Fiorta its nice looking and clean. Thats because no one is doing anything in it. about 4 hours ago in reply to Fiorta

    erockradio @Fiorta no Cleveland is a very nice city about 6 hours ago in reply to Fiorta

    erockradio @mikeroark819 doors open at 2:30 about 6 hours ago in reply to mikeroark819

    erockradio @opiesthumb gotta give it to you for being proud of your hometown. To bad the rest are not. about 6 hours ago in reply to opiesthumb

    erockradio Cleveland. City of Racits. Who knew? pic.twitter.com/wtT109VG about 7 hours ago

    erockradio Hello Cleveland! Helloooo Ladies! pic.twitter.com/sxo4b0gW about 8 hours ago

    erockradio The only time you' ever say 'Wow look at Cleveland' #FlyoverCityForAReason pic.twitter.com/WIdJqfHs about 8 hours ago

    erockradio Flight attendant looking like Ross Mathews, just notified that the redheaded gentleman in 1st class needs walking assistance after flight about 10 hours ago

    SaraFromBuffalo @OpieRadio @notsam @erockradio @travistefft Cleveland Hashtag Ideas: #pigradio #oapartypig #blindradio #oapigs I just did Gary's job. about 21 hours ago

    Retweeted by erockradio

    Travis Tefft's Tweets

    travistefft Huge line at The Blind Pig for our live show already and doors aren't for another hour. Very impressive, Cleveland! about 5 hours ago

    travistefft Good news, Cleveland. Someone in Starbucks told me the neighborhood was in transition. So this is all gonna get better. about 9 hours ago

    travistefft Danny is eating what is by far the rarest steak I have ever seen. twitpic.com/9e6oim about 21 hours ago

    travistefft Cleveland people! Very important! What time and channel(s) can I watch Seinfeld while in your fine town? 2 days ago

    travistefft @SteveFromPhilly Sam's pre-show from 3-4 then O&A 4-7 2 days ago in reply to SteveFromPhilly

    travistefft @OpieRadio 4-7pm silly 2 days ago in reply to OpieRadio

    OpieRadio It's official - our live broadcast Fri (3-6pm) in Cleveland has officially moved to The Blind Pig 1228 west 6th st. Please RT 2 days ago

    Retweeted by travistefft

    Troy Quan's Tweets

    Troyquan Playing #CherryDarts. #OpieAndAnthony live in Cleveland. instagr.am/p/J8EG4JxVRU/ about 1 hour ago

    Troyquan On stripper duty today in Cleveland. #OpieAndAnthony #OACleveland instagr.am/p/J7-kWNxVfB/ about 2 hours ago

    Troyquan What's fun to do in Cleveland? about 6 hours ago

    DisasterOn2Legs @Troyquan could you retweet? If anyone in CLE needs tickets to Jimmy's show, I have two extra I'm selling. Row A, 207 & 208. 1 day ago

    Retweeted by Troyquan

    JimNorton CLEVELAND VENUE CHANGE FOR OPIE & ANTHONY LIVE SHOW. No more Hard Rock, we will be at The Blind Pig, 1228 West 6th St. On FRIDAY 3-7 pm. 2 days ago

    Retweeted by Troyquan

    Danny Ross' Tweets

    DannyJRoss Cleveland rocks so hard their bars close at 2am. #drewcareyisafuckingliar about 16 hours ago
  2. BIV

    BIV I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.

    Apr 22, 2002
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    The bars in most cities close at 2.
  3. Neon

    Neon ネオン

    Mar 23, 2008
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    That was some old school energy today. How can management not see that more of these = happier boyz?
  4. mascan42

    mascan42 Registered User

    Aug 26, 2002
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    You're assuming management listens to the show and/or cares.
  5. BeerBelly

    BeerBelly Banned

    Aug 11, 2005
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    They have the mentality of 'I've got your money so fuck you'
  6. Neon

    Neon ネオン

    Mar 23, 2008
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    I'm talking more the Gary/Scott/Blatter contingent as opposed to the real higher-ups. The babysitters if you will.
  7. moegolden

    moegolden Perv-switch toggler

    Oct 3, 2004
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    Chip's new "how to ruin the mood" video is front page of reddit right now

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