Twin pink eye - smoking weed bad idea?


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Last night at work I had bad pink eye, went to ER this morning and got my drops. I have made a night off for myself (sort of) and I haven't smoked in a few weeks. Good or bad idea? Eye is irritated as fuck and worried it may trigger it worse. Someone has had to do this before...


If you're using the drops, washing your hands, I say go for it. :icon_mrgr


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I think it would help really because weed relaxes the eye muscles. I'm no doctor though:D


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Go for it man.


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I wouldn't do it ... my ex was a heavy pot smoker, smoked at least
4 -5 joints a day. I had the worst case of pink eye once and the doctor told me that it was the smoke that was aggravating it. Not just the pot smoke though - he went through 2 cartons of cigarettes a week. I was also working part time in a bar & back then you were allowed to smoke inside.

Took a week off from work, went home for a week & sure enough, the eyes cleared up.


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I dont see a problem. Its pretty hard to get pot smoke in one's eye.

If there is any problem, it most likely would be from the smoke. Hit up a bowl, use a quarter on top after you take your hit so the smoke doesnt come up. Dont smoke a joint and keep it in your mouth, that would be just silly.
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