Twitchels on the Montel Williams Show : Taping Thurs 3.30pm


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Just a heads up to anyone who wants to go and see Twitchels be a guest on Montel Williams.

Obviously he is doing a show about Tourettes 8)

They are filming a segment at his house tomorrow, and doing the in-studio interview at 3.30pm this Thursday.

The website says all tickets are gone now, but check back for cancelations or just hang out at the studio on Thurs.

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Who cares? I've had my fill of this douche for the next decade.

Slap Jackson

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I heard Paul's wife was going to be on Montell Williams. Not the show, I mean on Montell Williams.



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Please- someone wing him with a cowbell onstage.

Linger Ronner!


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Please tell me there will be representatives yelling 'Jump!!!'


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Any idea when this episode will air?


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Any idea when this episode will air?
Thay are filming tomorrow in Montels Studio. The pre filming at his house went well. And he talked about the boys a lot, hopefully they won't edit to much out.
No air date set tho.


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in this corner touretts, in that corner ms, gentle twichers come out swinging. reffing this bout mike foxxxxxxxxxxx.


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What? Is Syvia Brown dead? That 5 pack a day whore is always on that show. Maybe she can "see" into why Twitchells is such a douche

I think it would be awesome if the idiot just started yelling racial epethets all over the place.


British & I don't give a fuck!

For decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the incidence of autism in the United States was considered to be about 1 in 2,000 children. Now, the incidence is believed to be about 1 in 150, a statistic that is even higher for boys — 1 in 94. Tina’s autistic son, Myles, has tried several treatments, but nothing has helped. Besides a crumbling marriage, Tina has fought depression and thoughts of suicide. She is now trying to get Myles the treatment he needs. Dr. Bock, one of the leading doctor's in Autism research and treatment, will surprise Tina with an offer that may change her son's life. We will also hear from Tracey about her son, Ethan whose austim has been successfully treated by Dr. Bock. Tracey is convinced that Dr. Bock's treatments, along with early intervention, helped treat her son. Tourette's syndrome is another puzzling condition afflicting about 300,000 Americans today. Brie is in the 3% of cases who suffers from the most extreme case of Tourette's. Her condition, which causes extreme body tics and vocal tics, has made her quit college, live with her parents, and be virtually housebound by her condition. Montel will be surprising her with a revolutionary treatment created by Dr. Bradley Peterson. Dr. Bradley Peterson is a child psychiatrist who treats patients with Tourette's syndrome. He is here to explain what Tourette's syndrome is. He will also discuss the new experimental treatments that are being used as a last resort to help the most extreme Tourette's patients.

Tina Dula founded a 501(c)3 organization called Myles-A-Part to raise funds for average and low income families living with Autism. To learn more, log onto

For more information on today’s topic please log onto:

Tourette's Syndrome Association

National Autism Association

Today's Guests

Tina: Tina's son, Myles, is severely autistic and she is desperate for help

Myles: Tina's son

Tracey: Tracey' son, Ethan, has autism

Brie: She has Tourette’s that is so extreme she cannot live on her own

Emily: She is Brie's friend

Kenneth Bock: Dr. Bock is an autism expert and the author of "Healing the Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies"

Bradley S. Peterson, M.D.: Dr. Peterson is a Tourette’s expert and a pediatric psychiatrist at Columbia University Medical Center

UGH!? Did someone we know get bumped? 8-()


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congrats twitchels

I'd like to get on a show like that but I guess schizophrenia is not considered as debilitating as tourettes.