Twitter Looking Into DVR Mode To View Delayed Live Event Twitter Streams


I really like this idea.

Twitter wants to make a 'DVR mode' for live TV events, offer delayed Twitter streams

Social media is very much about keeping up with what's happening right now -- but not everybody consumes live media simultaneously. What happens when you watch a time-shifted sporting event four hours late, but still want to see what your peers had to say in the heat of the moment? Twitter CEODick Costolo has an idea: social media DVR. Speaking at a moderated panel at at the Center for Technology Innovation, Costolo envisioned a system that would allow users to jump back in time and look at a snapshot of the social network at a specific moment.

"It would be nice to see things like a graphic of spikes in the conversation," he said. "And be able to scroll back to that time and see what happened at that particular moment." The CEO continued to suggest that such a feature could be designed around planned events, describing it as "Twitter in a DVR mode." Although it was suggested that these features are in testing, Costolo stopped short of saying if they were actually something users could expect to see soon. Naturally, we reached out to the company for further comment, but haven't heard back just yet. Still, it's at least clear that the company hasn't abandoned its television-based ambitions.


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This would actually be really cool
Twitter is set to become bigger than Facebook.
Twitter will never be more popular than Facebook because you can't really brag about how popular you are. On Facebook, when it's your birthday, everybody sees all of the birthday wishes. On Twitter, you have to search it out, which nobody would.

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I like it too. I NEVER watch a live sporting event, be nice to see what people were saying (especially knowing the outcome).