Two Women One Cup: Grandmother Ethel McEwan Saved By Ingesting Daughter’s Turds

EARLIER in the week, this video of Two Girls One Cup, and now we learn of a grandmother who contracted a potentially fatal superbug. She was saved by ingesting her daughter’s poo.

Ethel McEwan, an 83-year-old from Scotland, contracted Clostridium Difficile, the Daily Record reports.

But she survived after her daughter Winnifred gave her a “faecal transplant” - a sample turd is liquidised and fed down a tube into the patient’s stomach. The treatment restores bacteria to a level that can aid the recovery process.

“When you tell people about the treatment, they wrinkle their noses,” says Mrs McEwan. “But it’s not like they put it on a plate and have you eat it.

You don’t ever see or smell a thing.

“People will have a blood transplant or a kidney transplant – what’s the difference with this?”

Why tell her? What’s to gain?

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Eww.... fucking eww...


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
well. 83, no time like the present than to take up skat
I guess the obvious question would be why not grow the bacteria cultures in a petri dish?

Looks like "Make Up Stuff Tuesday" is a worldwide craze now.