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Well here is the story I was told. Seems that a family friends daughter (17) was txting with another older guy (37 or 38)that was a friend of the family. Sexting went on and he is now facing charges. Her phone was not looked at as she cleared the history. Somehow the parents got the carrier to give them 5 days of records on paper. There were no copies of the pictures, but it did show pictures had been sent.

My question is, I thought this was illegal per privacy laws. Her parents pay the bill so that might make the difference. But it got me to thinking, If it isn't against the law, and the parents are the ones paying the bill, wouldn't a service where all txt and MMS messages from a kids phone also be forwarded to a parents phone automatically be offered.

Now before we get into wiretapping laws and such, Idaho is a one party state, meaning as long as one party knows it is being recorded it is legal.

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I think it's obvious that all the major carriers maintain records of text messages sent, especially post-9/11. I don't think wiretap laws apply to texts, and especially if it were of texts sent to and from a phone line they pay for. And as far as a nanny service for kids texts, I'm sure there's one available. AT&T offers a bunch of parental controls they can put on kids' phones to control and monitor their usage.
sprint stores all mms sent and received online. ive found my ev gf and her nancy son sending and receiving some interesting shit and since it was my account i had every right to view it. the age of consent in idaho is 18 so its his own fault and what ever happens will be deserved.


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Her parents pay the bill so that might make the difference.
That makes all the difference. It's totally legal and proper.
Yup. Bill's in my name and I can get a printout of all calls received and sent along with all
texts and the amount of internet usage each phone has each month.

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Pretty much all carriers keep log of sms and mms records sent (picture and video) that you can view through your personal bill page for the current month. Some let you go back some months. They keep log of the numbers sent/received, content of the messages however is much harder to get.
Is this an important question or just something you're curious about? I can have an expert answer the questions if you really need it. (from AT&T's side, not the legal side) I know there's things they're only allowed to release to LEOs (like GPS coords, even on stolen phones), but I don't really know where those lines are drawn, or if it's a state to state issue.

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The creepiness of sexting a 17 year old aside, I don't get why it's legal for them to see an R-rated movie with graphic nudity yet it's illegal to show them nudie pictures on a magazine or a phone. Ant always talked about how he could bang a 17 year old all day yet if he showed her nudity he'd be in trouble. What if it was a still frame from an R-rated movie?


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Not really important, but my daughter is going to be getting a cell phone soon. And as much as I don't want 10,000 txt messages about who is dating who, and who is a jerk. I would like to at least have it available. I know I can see who they are txt or call on my bill, but I would like to get a copy of the txt or pictures if I think something funny is going on. If I could get it real time would be great if some sicko 40 year old is putting the moves on my 14 year old daughter.
If I could get it real time would be great if some sicko 40 year old is putting the moves on my 14 year old daughter.
there is software for gsm phones that you can do that with. i cant vouch for the validity but they all cost money and give no refunds so buyer beware. you want complete control get her a kajeet phone. total parental control over who she can call/text and who can call/text her