U.S. boosts deportation of illegals


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U.S. boosts deportation of illegals

By Jerry Seper
March 17, 2008

Illegals awaited prosecution last month in the Val Verde Correctional Facility in Del Rio, Texas. Law enforcement has implemented Operation Streamline in select regions along the U.S.-Mexico border, removing 280,523 persons in 2007, but the program needs funding, detention space and manpower.

The Department of Homeland Security, continuing to enforce what it calls a "strict policy of arresting, prosecuting and jailing" illegal immigrants, deported a record number of those caught on the nation's borders last year — more than 280,000 in fiscal year 2007 compared with 186,000 a year earlier.

It was the largest number of illegals ever removed from the country in a single year.

The increase is attributable to what veteran law-enforcement authorities said is a revised apprehension process, adding that the department no longer is targeting only criminal illegals for removal, but seeks eventually to apprehend, charge and deport all those who cross illegally into the United States.

To that end, Homeland Security has initiated "Operation Streamline" along some sectors of the U.S.-Mexico border, which brings illegal immigrants into the U.S. criminal justice system, where they are prosecuted either for a misdemeanor on their first offense or a felony if they have been caught before.

"Under this program, individuals who are caught at certain designated high-traffic, high-risk zones are prosecuted and, if convicted, are jailed," Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said at a recent press briefing.

Mr. Chertoff noted that between October and December, the Justice Department prosecuted 1,200 cases under the new program and, as a consequence, apprehension rates dropped nearly 70 percent in those areas.

"When people who cross the border illegally are brought to face the reality that they are committing a crime, even if it is just a misdemeanor, that has a huge impact on their willingness to try again and on the willingness of others to break the law coming across the border," he said.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokeswoman Ernestine Fobbs said the agency's Office of Detention and Removal Operations deported to 195 countries a total of 280,523 illegal immigrants during fiscal 2007 — which ended Sept. 30.


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Good .. now if Long Island would join in, I think I'd be ecstatic


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"Under this program, individuals who are caught at certain designated high-traffic, high-risk zones are prosecuted and, if convicted, are jailed,"
So they are still going to be a drain on our tax dollars. They are going to get free meals and healthcare. They might as well be on the streets so we wouldnt have to feed them.


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I would be happy is South Boston followed suit.
Long Island, NYC, Cambridge, MA, Tulsa, New Haven, Fairfax County, VA, Virginia Beach ... all 'sanctuary cities'. Only way they're ever going to be cleaned up is if those rules change.

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Program needs funding?? Where can I send a donation?


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