U.S. soldiers recreate Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders' "Call Me Maybe" video


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It's My Birthday!
Since when do soldiers have beards?


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It's My Birthday!
Never happened when I was in.


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They did it when I was at Fort Suse. Which is rare because Navy leadership always has a stick up their ass.

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The hack joke on certain wannabes is that they try to gain respect and blend in the middle east. But they still look white.
Yeah... they're just too lazy to shave and they want to walk around looking like Grizzly Adams. You'd have to be a fool to think the muzzies can't spot them for infidel white boys from a mile away just because they have stupid hipster beards.


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It's either a way to sympathize / relate with the locals or relaxed grooming standards at the fob. Two tours boots on ground first one we where allowed to grow beards but no faddish shit like goatees or Rollie Fingers moustachio's. Second one was inspection ready no facial hair minus a flavor savor.


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This is funny. I like how they tried to match the races as much as possible.

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