UFC Fight Night Number Whatever

Konstantin K

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Carlos Condit is awesome. If I was a girl, I'd sure like him to be my boyfriend.

The body shot finished him, the knees are just icing.


deftones or somefuckin' body
I caught bits and pieces when other things I was watching were at commercials. The loser of the last fight looked pretty beat up, saw that it was a TKO at decision but didn't see much of the fight itself.
COndit was REally sharp...even when he found himself in a bad position he calmly worked his way out and then he used his endurance to tire out kapmann and then beat him senseless...

I like the way Condit fights...

BTW this was called "UFC Fight Night: Condit vs Kampmann II"

Gastelum looked REALLY Strong...When he won TUF over Uriah Hall I was like wtf? But now I have seen that Hall is not a disciplined fighter and Gastelum is a really strong wrestler with sledgehammer hands
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