UFC on Fuel Struve vs Miocic was last night.

Pretty good card.

Struve looked sketchy at first, but he came back strong. Looked really good in the second. Once he found his range, it was over. The problem is that against top Heavyweights, he won't have that much time to find his range.

Dan Hardy looked great. Striking was solid as always. And somehow he turned into a takedown machine. He took Amir Sodollah down in each round. 3 for 3 on takedowns and some decent ground and pound too.

When your opponent's nickname is "One Punch" you would think you would have your guard up....Yves Jabouin did not. Brad Pickett turned his lights off.


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I watched the card too, however, FUEL Tv sucks because there's no HD channel on FIOS. Its terrible.


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I loved this card. With the exception of the Hathawsy/McGuire fight none were snoozers. Struve is still one of my favorite fighters. Really hoping he can break through to the top 10 soon.

Konstantin K

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Struve gets better every time he fights and he's become one of my favorite HWs. It'll be very interesting if he gets that fight with Werdum.


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it was a good card. Struve has improved a lot, he's still not using his reach as well, but once found his range, he was all over Miocic who is a legit talent.

Hardy did nothing to impress me, (yeah, I'm sure he cares a lot about my opinion) but I expected more from him. I think he has peaked as a fighter and the UFC better keep him away from any top 10 WW because I don't see Hardy beating any of them. In fact if he were to fight Gunnar Nelson (who looks like the real deal) I easily take Nelson to not just beat him, but finish him.

The Minuwa/Kingsbury fight was crazy, Minuwa was landing some vicious punches and knees that could easily put a lot of fighters to sleep. If it weren't for the doctors stoppage, who knows how the fight turns out, because Minuwa was clearly gassed and Kyle kept getting the TD.

And if you thought his eye looked bad once the fight was over, you should see how looks now