Uncalled for crap at my job!

[Cue up 'Party Up" by DMX and Denis Leary persona]

It seems that one of my supervisors at work has been on my ass lately! I got the riot act from her twice!

First it was about my Opie and Anthony WOW shirt, saying that's sexual harrassment and I'm telling girls to show their tits! First of all bitch, I work in a fucking cafe with a damn apron on! Not many people pay attention to it, so why the fuck should you?!

Second, I come into work 3 hours late. Now look, I got the days mixed up. So why the fuck are talking shit like if it happens again, there will be disciplinary action! No other manager said anything to me about why should you then! Listen here, it ain't the first time I was three hours late you! Last time I was in a damn police precint as a witness to a damn crime!

Finally, you're raggin me about my CD case and CDs? Who the fuck are you to do that shit! Every night I'm gettin bag checks and you see my CD case in there, and NOW you wanna run your mouth? Fuck you! And you're saying that Borders carries these CDs? Bullshit! There's no fucking way in hell that we carry import J-pop CDs! And now I'm only allowed 3 items from home?! And my CDs have to have yellow labels on them?! Bullshit man! I ain't having it! Not on my homemade CDs! Just because we sell blank CDs, you make it sound like I stole them! Fuck you!

I hate that shit! When you start a new job and you're catching hell about the rules and regulations, and yet, noone tells you about the goddamn rules! You just wait till my manager comes back from vacation, I'm gonna fix your ass good!


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Maybe she aint got no tits. Hey my boss is gonna be shocked to see something is gone from his office when I am finished I will be laughing all the way to the bank anf he will be crying all the way to the nut house.