Uncle Paul News: Parents build 1-million-euro home with club for 12-year-old daughter


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'We always know where they are': Parents build £1m home complete with nightclub to prevent their teenagers from straying

By Sadie Whitelocks
PUBLISHED: 12:12 EST, 21 March 2012 | UPDATED: 05:35 EST, 22 March 2012

Parents often fear for their children's safety.
So one couple, in a bid to keep a close eye on their brood, decided to build a state-of-the-art nightclub in the basement of their London home.
Complete with flashing lights, illuminated dance floor and professional DJ booth Claire Farrow, 44, and Ian Hogarth, 56, from West Kensington invested more than £1million to create their 'dream home'.

Claire Farrow and Ian Hogarth from West Kensington invested more than £1m to create their 'dream home' complete with a state-of-the-art discotheque

As well as a soundproofed disco room the property, which has since been valued at between £2.5 million and £3 million, boasts a sauna and film screening room.


Their 16-year-old son Gil now enjoys honing his DJ skills while daughter Tilly, 12, regularly invites friends over for after-school clubbing sessions.
Mrs Farrow told the Evening Standard: 'This was our dream house, everything we ever wanted... It keeps the teenagers under your roof so you know where they are.

Contemporary edge: The house took 11 months to build and cost more than £1 million

'The idea for the dance floor came from that I love dancing, but I’m too old to go out.'

The disco room, which is adjacent to the children's bedroom, features a dance floor embedded with thousands of pulsing lights, a professional-standard DJ booth and sound system.

The Farrows, who run Hogarth Architects in West London, bought the dance floor on the internet from China at a reduced rate of £6,000 - Mrs Farrow said they usually cost five times the price - and the sound system came from a nightclub in Birmingham.
And while the children aren't entertaining guests Mr Hogarth and Mrs Farrow also enjoy throwing some shapes on the disco floor.

There's no place like home: Tilly, 12 (pictured centre), and her friends make some shapes on the dance floor

Illuminations: The Farrows bought the dance floor from China at a reduced rate of £6,000

Mrs Farrow holds disco dancing classes in the room every Wednesday hiring a teacher for herself and her friends.
'I’m really bad in the gym but I’ll always do some dancing,' she adds.

The house took 11 months to build at a total cost, including purchasing the site, of more than £1 million.
So ambitious was the project that it was documented in an episode of the popular Channel 4 series Grand Designs.

Other plush features.include a bullet-proof front door, walk-in shiny purple Perspex-covered wardrobe in the master bedroom, an indoor fish pond and contemporary art pieces.
Mrs Farrow adds: 'My friends think we’re mad but they are very envious.'

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