Uncle Vinnie says, “Do you want to see Andrew "Dice" Clay live up close and personal?


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This is an Italian place that does comedy in the other room. I was there for dinner last night and picked up the comedy list to see who is going to be there and found this!!!!


Thought if anyone is interested in going. Small room. So I am sure some pest will have fun with it. If you want to pay $200 to see this dope. Just thought I would put it out there. :action-sm

I will let the rest of the baggers/pests do what they do best!!! ;);)

This is the info from there site.

Ticket includes the following
3 course meal
6 free passes to a future show at Uncle Vinnie's
Farthest seat 35 feet from the stage with most seats less than 20 feet from the stage.

$ 200 per ticket:icon_eek:

Call 732-899-3900 and ask for Dino (Fred flinstones dog!!)"whaa"

Date: August 5th - SOLD OUT

New Date Added: August 4th


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No seat more then 35' from the stage. If he can sell out there maybe he can do giant stadium!


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How was the food? I've got reservations to see Vos there in July and we're tryin to decide if we want to add dinner to that reservation or east someplace else.