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That shit was classic. I was just waiting for him to say " you ain't beat me". I guess it's gonna be HHH and taker at wrestlemania. Everything the undertaker was saying was fucking classic. They should go at it in a hell of the cell match. shit was phat!!!
Yeah word is that HBK is not quite ready for in ring action yet but he will be a part of Wrestlemania 17 somehow. The original plan was to have a HHH/HBK match at WM17 but cause he is not ready its gonna be HHH/TAKER
a fresh new storyline which the WWF has promised that we would see fresh new storylines.

Check this out Mav how cool would this be in the main event at WM17 Austin loses to Rock and HBK is the man that costs Austin the match. Revenge for losing to Austin at WM a few years back a fresh new storyline hmmmm.


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All i want to know what debra IS GOINg to do!
and i wanted linda to get up and say something<IMG SRC="http://www.wackbag.com/ubb/smilies/cwm35.gif" border=0>
I missed the show tonight, but knew about it (from a spoiler). The idea of 'Taker v. HHH is kewl. Something fresh and the fact that HHH hasn't beaten the Dead Man makes for a lot of heat. The fact about HBK is that is he ready or at least ready enough to wrestle in the biggest PPV of the year. The only reason HBK doesn't want to wrestle HHH at Wresltemania is that he doesn't want to job to HHH in his first match back. It is true that he is not ready to come back but I bet that if the storyline called for HBK to win the match he would get up for it. Hell it is Wrestlemania. I hope the show is good. I think HBK will get involved somehow but not sure where yet.
Yeah that could be. I think HBK is gonna get himself involved in the Main Event somehow or maybe he will cost HHH the match against the Undertaker.


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Now jay I agree a new storyline is great and all. But I think stone cold should be the winner and a rivalry between rock and hbk would be better. Cause hbk and rock are much more exciting to watch wrestle than stone cold and hbk. I am just a die hard stone cold fan so I want him to open cans of whoop ass. I can't help it..haha
I hear what your saying Mav cause im a die-hard HHH fan so i would want him to win whatever match he is having. I think the end of WM17 will be a shocker and i hate to say but i dont think Austin is gonna come out on top.