UnMasked 11/17: Bob Saget (Sat: XM150; Sun: XM202)


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
For this Unmasked it will be with Bob Saget hosted by Mr. Ron Bennington. Bob Saget was very reticent so see how Mr. Bennington tries to unmask him.

Bob Saget has gone from being one of the most twisted stand-up comedians in the business to "Danny Tanner" from Full House and then back again. His HBO special That Ain't Right is out on DVD, he's back on TV hosting One Vs. 100, and he is Unmasked this week on XM.
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Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
Hmmmmm...Big Kev or Bob Saget?


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
Bob Saget used jokes to lighten up the questions.