Unmasked...John C Reilly cancelled 12/18/2007

Arch Stanton

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Via Big A:

John C Reilly is sick and cancelled.

I called Comix and they are looking for another guest now.


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Get PT Anderson in there to talk about There Will Be Blood.


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Booooo best of boooooo.

Although I can't complain too much, even taped Ronnie is better than no Ronnie.


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Goodness Gracious!

You should see what's going on in the R&F studio.

Earl is smiling...

Ronnie knew.

It's a clear sign that John C Reilly is not doing the unmasked and that should leave open the question as to who is gonna take that spot in the rotation
even better then seeing that douche, John C. Reilly...getting pictures with the coolest guy in radio, and Fezzy (not sure why i was a guy smiley in the one with Fez).



ya rooned it Jed
was hoping that was really you
in your avvy
so sad now


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he is on regis and kelly tomorrow...

if anyone is in the area and can get near the studio and tell him your thoughts.....just saying....


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i wonder what earl did to screw this up
Prophetic if not completely predictable.

This is it. This is the straw that broke my camel's back. Up to this point I've thought of Earl as the lovable fuck-up but he's gotten progressively worse and more annoying; but its brought out some good radio by Ron, Fez and Dave. But now, I seriously want Earl out. It's gotten extremely tired and he's a serious liability to the quality and logistics of the show. I noticed that I physically, visably scowl or wince everytime he starts a sentence with no, says "And I understand that", and gets into his defensive tirades.

"I want him out. Send the tapes to DC."