Unreal creator Tim Sweeney: "PCs are good for anything, just not games”


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That's because he's more concerned with selling games than playing them. It's like saying "quality movies suck" because more people will watch Scary Movie 12 before No Country for Old Men.
and that's why quake3 will always be better than any unreal game.


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and that's why quake3 will always be better than any unreal game.
Heh, the best thing to ever come out of Unreal was the Red Orchestra mod. I'll admit, they can make an engine, but they sure as fuck can't make a decent game.


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PC Games Rule.How can you even compare a console to an High-End PC?
Fucking Moron.
Change PCs to Macs in the title and we can talk.

<3 Macs but they stink for games.
The quote "PCs are good for anything, just not games” is taken out of context. He's talking about the $300 best buy computers are dog shit for playing games and that's true. There's no way you're playing any of the game you want to play with the integrated graphics card.

And to play the AAA titles, you have to spend an assload of money on graphics card, maxed out RAM, latest mobo. So he's right again, when he says the majority of people aren't supping up their computer, they're buying a console.

What I think this is all about is Unreal Tournament III tanked on the PC and PS3, but Gears of War did great on 360. I think Epic is going to move into the licensing the engine to pay the bills and make move to a console based company.

Just my two cents, because I know Fan Boy talk goes nowhere.


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To clarify, Sweeney was referring to on-board graphics chips that are in most off-the-rack systems nowadays. Intel and Nvidia are actually holding back PC gaming by making such low powered chips the norm. Nvidia is too afraid of losing it tiered price structure to do anything about it. If things keep going the way they are it will come back and bite them in the ass.