Upgrade on my Hearse


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My Hearse has the worst headlights possible. They are in fact dangerous. I rarely drive it at night unless I am following someone I know to lead the way, and when I do I keep them on brights and no one objects.

Do lights just get dimmer over time assuming they are original (not likely) Would they improve if I just replaced them? I would really like to to find some kind of conversion if my electrical system could support it but I haven't seen anything like it. Any thoughts on getting it better?


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Are they aimed properly (if there's even an adjustment)?


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Sounds like you may have a corroded ground wire.
If they aren't fully grounded they will get dim.

Also consider that those type of older sealed bulbs aren't
as bright as newer types of lights. They do make replacement
units in higher wattage ranges. Might wanna look into that.
Sure halogen lamps and others get weaker over time. Also the housings can get cloudy and cracked which restrict light from projecting down the road.

As far as the electric goes, upgrading is no big deal. Aftermarket systems come with relays that you feed the new lamps main power from the battery so you can use the original source wire as a trigger so you don't have to modify the factory switch that turns the headlights on.


Install some IR lamps and get night vision gear. That's winning.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
BB1 is correct, if the lights are very dim 9 times out of 10 it’s bad grounds, you can upgrade the old lamps with higher wattage sealed beams or buy conversions to composite halogen, but, until you fix the ground issues they will always be dim. Even if the ground looks ok, the wires corrode inside the insulation


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Your car is cursed with the weak headlights. You should find a friendly gypsy to boil a salamander and some pine needles and rub the soup on the car using their genitals with 80s' glam metal playing in the background. I'm not saying I know how that will work, but I think it's great advice.