Uptight Hoboken Cocksuckers...


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Really? I mean, really? Disbanding SWAT because they went to a fucking HOOTER'S???????????????? A Hooter's??????????????

I mean, if they hit Larry Flynt's joint down in New Orleans, and banged a bunch of the strippers, I could kind of see there being a problem. But my local Hooter's has pics of the local K-9 squad, cops, firefighters, etc., all with some of the girls there.

Unless the SWAT troops have their cocks out and the Hooters girls are blowing them (in which case, I'm going to impersonate a SWAT trooper down there...), what's the fucking big deal?


I Want To Kill You All
Andriani was sued in October by five Hispanic officers, who claim he is a racist who coerced four of them to work on his house when they should have been on duty.
Make sure you trim those hedges nice and straight, Paco.