Usher's Son Gets Stuck on Pool Drain, aka What Happens When Their Lips Get Wet.

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Police: Usher's son survives swimming pool mishap
By Alan Duke, CNN
updated 6:38 AM EDT, Wed August 7, 2013

Usher's son survives pool mishap
  • NEW: Usher's ex-wife says "no comment" on if she'll challenge for custody again
  • "I couldn't get him, I tried to get him," aunt tells 911 operator
  • His aunt and a housekeeper noticed the child was stuck in the pool's drain, police say
  • Sound technician Eugene Stachurski rescued the child and used CPR to revive him

(CNN) -- Singer Usher Raymond's young son survived a serious swimming mishap at his Atlanta home Monday, police said Tuesday.

Five-year-old Usher Raymond V was swimming when his aunt and a housekeeper noticed he was stuck in the pool's drain, according to the police report.

"I need an ambulance," his aunt, Rena Oden, told an emergency operator in a call to 911. "My nephew was in the pool, and I couldn't get him, I tried to get him." A recording of the call was made public by police Tuesday.

The aunt, housekeeper and another woman were "unsuccessful in pulling the victim from the pool drain," but two men who were installing sound equipment in the home rushed to help, the report said.

"They're doing CPR on him now," Oden told the operator. "Is he coming around? He's breathing!"

Sound technician Eugene Stachurski rescued the child from the drain and used CPR to revive him on the side of the pool, the police report said.

2012: Usher's stepson dies
About five minutes into the recording, Oden told the operator that paramedics had arrived at the home and had taken over.

The child was "conscious, alert and breathing" when the ambulance took him to a hospital, where he was kept overnight for observation, the police report said.

Usher won primary custody of his two sons with ex-wife Tameka Foster last year after a bitter child custody court fight. Foster accused the singer of being an absentee father.

"My son is OK, but I have no further comment at this time," Foster told CNN Tuesday. She answered "I have no comment" when asked about media reports her lawyer had filed a motion for an emergency custody hearing because of the pool accident.

Usher's former stepson -- also Foster's son -- died in a watercraft accident on a north Georgia lake last year.

So it's true, they really can't swim.....


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Usher's Custody Battle Back in Court

Usher arrives with his sons Usher Raymond V, right, and Naviyd Ely Raymond arrives at the premiere of "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" in Los Angeles, Feb. 8, 2011. (Kathy Hutchins via Newscom)

A judge in Atlanta is set to hear arguments in a child custody battle between R&B singer Usher and his ex-wife.

Tameka Foster Raymond requested the hearing earlier this week after the former couple's son got caught in a pool drain while in the care of the Grammy winner's aunt. Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger set the hearing for Friday afternoon.

Raymond's court filing says the 5-year-old boy "suffered a near-death accident" while left unsupervised at Usher's home Monday. She's seeking temporary primary custody of the former couple's two children.

Usher and Tameka Raymond married in 2007 and divorced two years later. They went through a lengthy child custody battle, and Usher was awarded primary custody of the boys last year.


LDAR, bitch.
What about turning the pump off? We're they all too busy taking non-landscape mode videos to hit the STOP button?


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
What about turning the pump off? We're they all too busy taking non-landscape mode videos to hit the STOP button?
World Star Hip-Hop!!!


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As a parent myself, I spend a great portion of my time making sure my 1 year old doesn't seriously hurt or kill himself. If you are unable to perform the necessary and primary functions of being a parent or you continuously put your kids in harmful or deadly situations you do not deserve to have kids and therefore should have your nuts removed and your uterus yanked out of your box. It baffles me how some people have a nonchalant attitude to raising kids. All you gotta do is take care of your kids god damn it!

The same goes for anyone who would hurt a child.

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So did they also find alcohol, marijuana, coke, and PCP in his system?


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So did they also find alcohol, marijuana, coke, and PCP in his system?
Lil man wouldn't go night night so she whipped up some mean ass Lean.

Shorty decided to go swimming and as we know ended up going "glub glub".


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hey, didn't Usher's stepson die from a jetski accident?? Almost 2 for 2
I was a pool lifeguard for 5 years and those drains can be a should have an anti-vortex cover installed right away if you have a floor drain on your pool. You have all the weight of the water combined with the pool filter sometimes turning off the pump will not be enough for the kid to get free. Kids have had their intestines pulled out their assholes from pool drains...Don't mess around, pony up the cash for the cover.

That being said, this is a common accident that you are only hearing about because it's usher. The main thing to get from this is if you have a pool...the ex-wife seems to be very pissed that she didn't get cu$tody of the kids and all the cash that goes with it...It's nice to see a dad with full custody...

1. LEARN CPR!!! It should be a local ordinance that if you want a permit to install a pool you have to get CPR certified...

2. Learn to swim! It's inexcusable for an adult watching a child at a pool to not be able to remove that child from a pool in an emergency...if you are of no use other than to call 911 and watch a kid drown for the 6 minute response time then you should not be watching kids by a pool.


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why do those people always insist on having pools even though they can't swim?

and who cares about some movie theater worker?

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This pool drain shit is crazy... I am glad my floor drain is pretty much useless, and after reading all these stories it's going to stay that way. There's a piece that is supposed to be installed in the skimmer that would let me switch the suction from the skimmer to the floor drain but it's missing. I'm not going to replace it. There is actually very slight suction through the floor drain but it's not even enough to pull dirt in, it just makes it collect around the drain. That's fine by me. I can get it with the pool vac.


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Your right, lets put more regulations for pools. If a person wants to have a pool, we should have two trained life guards and two Navy seals on duty at all times.. Make this a requirement. Failure to compile with this requirement will result in a $5000 fine per death in their pool.

While agree, if you have a pool you should know how to swim, CPR, Rescue swimmer, etc. ... ENOUGH regulations/laws. Just outlaw stupidity.....