Vacation report. (lost in the west) lots of pics.


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I started off from Missouri and headed to Canon city, Colorado to hang with an old friend for a few days. on the way out there, I went through Greensburg, Kansas. the news pics of the devistation out there just dont do it justice. there was nothing left of that town after the tornado went through, and there is still nothing there.

After that 700 mile drive, I made it to Colorado. we spent most of the time out shooting at prarie dogs. but it was so damn hot, and the big thunderstorms kept moving in. we didnt see crap to shoot at. My friend got 2 dogs, and I got one....and I hit another one wih the truck :). on saturday, we decided to head out to Colorado Springs and check out Specialty Sports and Dragon Arms. Specialty is one hell of a gun shop. it's a massive store with walls of all kinds of rifles. they had everything. and to top that off, they had display cases full of just about every handgun you could think of. their prices are a bit steep, but it's worth the stop just to see the selection. I have never seen a gun store that damn big. after we hit that place, we drove out to dragon arms. they have a kickass selection of full auto weapons on display, and most of them are for sale. the place has a shooting range, a dirt bike track, paintball fields, and the store with all kinds of weapons. the store isnt much to speak of, but it's also worth a stop if you are in the area. after we left the springs, we decided to take the scenic route back. we headed all the way across to Buena Vista, then over Cottonwood pass.

that pass isnt too bad. paved on one side, and dirt down the other. from there, we headed to the little town of Tin Cup, and then over Cumberland Pass. that one was a bit more tricky due to the fact that we drove it in the middle of a big thunderstorm with lots of rain and hail. I was too busy trying to not drop off a 1000 foot cliff to take any pictures. coming back down Highway 50, the rain was causing some nice rock slides into the canyon between Canon city and Salida. almost hit a few nice sized rocks that fell right in front of us. In colorado, I ended up trading one of my AR15's to my friend for his Saiga 7.62x39 AK and a crappy little Phoenix Arms .25 auto pistol that needs some work. we also got bored, and decided to paint my old Savage 110 .30-06 up in camo colors. it turned out pretty nice. I also finished my AR15 varmit rifle and we took that out shooting. I love that weapon. it's sooooo damn accurate. you can see it in the group pic from the reunion down below. we also stopped by the range that they have in Salida, Colorado. that range kicks much ass. they have steel targets out to 1050 yards on the rifle range, and they have 2 pistol ranges and a shotgun range....and it's all FREE! that's one of the best rifle ranges I have been to in a LONG time. more colorado pics can be found here:

after all the fun in Colorado, I headed up to Yellowstone to meet my Brother, sister in law, and my parents. we stayed at the KOA campground in West Yellowstone and spent 2 days wandering around the park. I had been there once when I was a little kid, so It was good to get back. It was pretty damn fun, except the damn rain followed me from colorado. it would start raining about 3pm every day. here are some videos from Yellowstone:
Old Faithful

Red Spouter Fumarole

Crappy vid of some buffalo

and some pics:

lower falls on the yellowstone river in the grand canyon of the yellowstone

Tatonka take a crap

Old Faithful

all of my other Yellowstone pics can be found here:

not much else to say about Yellowstone. it's well worth the trip and I will be getting back there soon to spend an entire week hiking and fishing.

we left Yellowstone on friday morning and headed to Great Falls, Montana for our bi-annual family reunion. I had been looking forward to this for a while, because my uncle is a big firearms fan too. after meeting everyone on friday and saturday, we all hauled ass outta town on sunday morning to do some shooting. he hauled out his .50 and his M1 garand. one of the other guys from there hauled out his full auto Thompson submachine gun. and I got to shoot them both!

shooting the .50

shooting the tommy gun

my cousin's Fiancee from Poland shooting the .50

we had a hell of a time out shooting. but we only had a short ammount of time and not much ammo. had to meet everyone for brunch at noon. bastards. :) I gave my Brother the AR15 that I built for him, along with my 37mm launcher so he could make it almost exactly like the weapon he carries in Iraq. he really liked it. He also brought along a couple of handgund that he smuggled back from Iraq. One is a Makarov pistol, and the other is a Colt .38 special snub nosed revolver that's missing the grips. he decided to give me the Colt. I think I'll throw some lasergrips on it and see if it works. I'll get the pics of the revolver uploaded soon.

here is us after the shoot:

the hot polish girl and my Uncle

hot Polish girl with the .50

the girl from Poland had never fired a weapon, so it was funhaving her shoot the .50 and the thompson. we had a damn good time there. here are a few more shots from the reunion: reunion/

all in all, I had a damn good time. Now I just have to drive my ass back home and get back to work. and now I HAVE to get a .50 and a tommy gun.

Pics of the Saiga, .38, camo .30-06 and the AR15 are in the gun owners thread.


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after all the fun in Colorado, I headed up to Yellowstone to meet my Brother, sister in law, and my parents.
Did you look Steve up while you were there? I'd love to see a picture of him.

That looked like a very cool vacation. I'm jealous of all the cool hardware you got to play with.


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Outstanding pics. I'd love to get out that way some time.


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NICE! Damn I wanna shoot one o them .50's.