Vegas house sold for $17,500,000.00, Wynn's on market for $22,000,000.00


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Jan 26, 2005
Home sale price sets area record

Audrey Walton, widow of Wal-Mart co-founder Bud Walton, has closed escrow on the most expensive home ever sold in the Las Vegas area, Vegas Confidential has learned.

The sprawling home at MacDonald Highlands sold for $17.5 million, according to a local real estate source. Another $1.5 million in furniture was added to sweeten the deal.

That sales price would top the reported $14.5 million paid about a year ago for the 22,000-square-foot mansion at the estate of former strip club king Michael Galardi.

She purchased it from Mark Wattles, founder and chief executive of Hollywood Entertainment Corp., a giant in the video, DVD and video game world.

Meanwhile, the asking price for Steve and Elaine Wynn's former home at Shadow Creek golf course has been reduced from $28 million in August 2006 to $22 million.


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Jan 9, 2006
I'd love to see what that place looked like. Read an article about 10 years ago on Payne Stewart's home, it was appraised at something like 13 million (back then), down in Florida. They had a full photo spread on the thing and it honestly looked like a resort you'd expect to find in the Mediterranean complete with his own private beach.

I've seen alot of pricey homes, but the way this one was built really serperated it from others. It didn't look like your typical 'rich guy' mansion, it honestly looked just like a single-family resort.