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Venezuela shuts 2 radio stations, holds military exercises

Militia members disembark from a vehicle during a military drill in Fort Tiuna, Caracas, Venezuela, Friday, Aug. 25, 2017. President Nicolas Maduro ordered military exercises in response to President Donald Trump’s warning of possible military action to resolve the country’s crisis. (Ricardo Mazalan/Associated Press)

AP August 26 at 2:48 PM

CARACAS, Venezuela — Authorities have shut down two radio stations that aired critical coverage of President Nicolas Maduro’s government by refusing to renew their licenses, a broadcast executive announced, as the country staged military exercises in defiance of Washington and new U.S. sanctions.

Enza Carbone, president of the country’s Radio Chamber, said late Friday in a statement that the National Telecommunications Commission did not renew the stations’ permits when they expired and ordered them to cease transmitting.

The National Media Workers’ Union accused the government of taking “arbitrary” action and violating freedom of expression.

The closures came less than 48 hours after the commission ordered cable providers to remove the signal of Colombian TV stations Caracol and RCN. Maduro had sharply criticized foreign news coverage of the country and its months-long political crisis.

About 900,000 people, including soldiers and members of civilian militias, were expected to take part in the two days of martial drills over the weekend. Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez inaugurated the exercises Saturday at a National Guard facility in eastern Caracas where dozens of snipers practiced their aim.

Washington accuses Maduro of imposing a dictatorship after the recent installation of an all-powerful constitutional assembly that has targeted political opponents and taken over lawmaking powers from the opposition-controlled congress. In remarks earlier this month, President Donald Trump would not rule out a “military option” for Venezuela.

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99% of the economy is from MLB players paying for security for their families.


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@lajikal , I expect you to keep us apprised on what his happening down there.
Venezuela should show the U.S. it means business by not sending us it's shitty oil anymore.
The comments are mostly about how they all ran like rats, one guy said "it was a mistake, a mistake Maduro didn't die".

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If this coup attempt fails, The Venuzzies are beyond fucked.

The American leftists who would usually be screaming for a "humanitarian mission" are now so TDStarded that they'd scream about "warmongering orange man imperialism" if Trump lifted a finger. Couple that with the fact that Trump doesn't give two shits about Venezuela, and he'll laugh as they all starve, and that all adds up to Maduro staying in power, and that country staying very royally fucked, for a very long time.