Verizon Home Monitoring


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Just saw a commercial for Verizon's new Home Monitoring service...

Apparently for just $9.99 a month you can access various remote services from basic cameras to lock and light controls.

I'm not sure if you can use their service with your own equipment. At the very least it seems you have to purchase one of their equipment packages.

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It seems pretty promising. I may incorporate some of that into some changes I am going to be making around here.


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I think this is going to be the next technological "wave". Systems are still a little expensive now (for a good one), but prices will drop when demand goes up. There are just too many benefits for people not to take advantage of this. Everything Verizon is offering is already available, but it's through different services. Verizon is smart to offer a single service that integrates all of these actions.


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Sucks that Verizon internet is a requirement for the package. I'd jump on one of these deals even though I have Comcast. Verizon isn't available here.


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I googled their url and this wackbag thread is the first result