Verizon to Shutter Its App Store in January


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Verizon Wireless said on Monday that it plans to shut down its own branded app store as of January.

Verizon set up the marketplace as Vcast Apps in March 2010, aiming to serve as an alternative spot for customers to get BlackBerry and Android apps.
However, the times, they are a-changin’, Verizon acknowledged. In January, the company will begin the process of removing its store, now known as Verizon Apps, from customer devices.
“We anticipate completing this process by March 27, 2013,” Verizon said in a blog post.
With the world shifting toward smartphones, and with each operating system having its own marketplace, the move isn’t exactly a shocker. Indeed, Verizon says nearly all the apps in its store are available from other marketplaces.
However, the major carriers have also been trying to get developers to do work tailored to their own networks.
Verizon has “innovation centers” in Massachusetts and San Francisco, while AT&T has various “foundries” that focus on this; several international carriers have also set up shop in the Bay Area in an effort to compete for developer attention.
Increasingly, this work centers on various programming interfaces or “hooks” into the network to take advantage of things such as location services, billing or other network-specific features.
Verizon had tried a revamp of its store last year, partnering with Chomp, though that company was later acquired by Apple.


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Good. I remember when they tried pushing their $20/month navigation app on me when I got my first android phone (and thus had access to Google Maps).


Yep, the monthly fee is what fucked them. Good riddance to their greedy subpar apps.

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It was the major carriers belief that they could effectively set up their own stores for music and apps at exorbitant rates that gave Apple the lead when they showed you could make it up on volume if you priced things reasonably. Add to it the fact that their stores were complete cluster fucks with hardly any worthwhile content.

That's why I liked Palm and Windows Mobile phones in the beginning. You just needed a PRC or a CAB file to put a program on your phone and since you had an SD card you could put any music on there as well.


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Didn't even know they had an app store.


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Finally, won't have to deal with that bloatware anymore.


i've been with verizon since the late 90's when it was bell atlantic. i have NEVER used their shitty app store for any of the phones i've had. i have looked at it but that was about it.
I bought my ringtones from them. But that's about it. They really turned their store into a cluster fuck.


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Good. I remember when they tried pushing their $20/month navigation app on me when I got my first android phone (and thus had access to Google Maps).
I had a Windows Mobile phone that had a locked GPS for nearly a year. Only way to use it was with that pay program.