Via IGN...GamerMetrics: Xbox 360 Owns August


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Nov 25, 2004
Thanks largely to the debut of BioShock this month and the impending Halo 3 invasion in September, interest in the Xbox 360 reached an all-time high during in late August, according to data released today by IGN GamerMetrics.

From Aug. 14 through Aug. 27, the Xbox 360 hit a record 9268 on the IGN Weekly Platform Index, which tracks the performance of gaming systems in North America. During the letter half of August, interest in the Microsoft console rose by 2 percent over the previous period.

Despite the release of the much-anticipated Metroid Prime: Corruption on Aug. 27, the Nintendo Wii was still unable to recapture its post-E3 levels, seeing a drop of 2.1 percent to 4953.

The PlayStation 3 also dropped slightly on the index, down 2.4 percent over the previous period. Now at 5948 on the index, the PlayStation suffered last week from announcements that Lair, Heavenly Sword and Stranglehold would be pushed back to September, according to GamerMetrics.

Despite its delay, Stranglehold is shaping up to be a solid seller in September, and GemerMetrics projects the John Woo third-person action game will move between 450,000 and 500,000 units by October.

Among newly-released games, the IGN community favored BioShock and Metroid Prime: Corruption most highly in August, according to GamerMetrics' "Gamers' Dozen" data, and the two titles grabbed 5.74 percent and 4.58 percent mindshare respectively.

All the top five games on that New and Noteworthy list were either 360 or Wii titles. Among upcoming games, Halo 3 (360) and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) lead the pack in the list's On the Horizon section, capturing 3.88 percent and 2.6 percent mindshare.
Interesting stats....Sony has to be hoping that MGS4 gets the buzz out like BioShock did for the 360


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Jan 25, 2006
i wasnt impressed by the trailer either