Video capture program?


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Ok, so I'm in the market for a good web video capture program. If I can right-click and d/l a video from a site, great, if I have to basically screencap, I can live with that.

I'm looking at reasonably long vids (capping ESPN3 games, for example), so if it eats up too many resources and quality starts to deteriorate at the end of the recording, I'm not going for it.

I have a Best Buy gift card from Christmas, so I might as well use it there. BB doesn't have a huge "productive" software section, though, so I'm a little lost. I thought I'd go with Toast 11, but then I realized it's a Mac-only program.

I'm not looking to do a lot of editing (just cutting a bit off the front end and back end of each vid), so what're my choices?

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