VideOandA 24/7 Streaming Channel


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Hey I heard about this channel it's pretty nicee

The guy that runs it is a real cool guy

Awhile back... VideOandA got terminated on YouTube. He had 254 videos.. he's only reuploaded a small amount of them

That link up there has all the episodes streaming 24/7 you can go in any time and watch an episode. If you want to talk you can register or just type a random name and press enter, both works or you don't have to do either.

Also for your own personal hard drive I found this link on reddit!2YoFABTS!BIq5pYoiIlUtaakBk34J8buBbTQwGlwBaxFYjFSIl7U

By paulrnelson -- who, I think, is @tstlkevanilla but I'm not sure about that