Videos & pics of ONA's walk to XM?


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I was a smashasaurusRex that day:

but our community stays united:

Looking forward to Special Eddie's and RST Anthony's pictures from today. :icon_cool

Special Eddie

What a great turnout for the boys being back on XM.

The Hard Rock cleavage girls.

Pat Duffy trying to keep up with the boys.


bring back the walkover
more pre-walkover pics (all fans and patrice)

HTG hard at work

Rick and Eric (hubby and my little man)

Cromwell telling this guy, "you were supposed to burn that shirt!" (sorry dude, didn't know your name, I'm new here)


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Great pics, guys!!! I'm sorry I couldn't be there. I'm glad the boys got the welcome home they deserve.


Of all the names to choose...Capt.Hilarious?
Or die his hair an even more impossible shade of orange?


Get 'em while they're hot
Here's mine from today...the pictures are massive but I shrunk them, if you want the original PM me your email and I'll send it to you.

When I got there.

Who could it be....:rolleyes:

Stalker Patty and Pat Duffy hauling the poratable XM....with that much microwavability around the crotch area...Say Bye Bye to having kids Pat

Ack'sGrl and Cromwell

Spacial Eddie, Zagman, Buster Hyman (I think), Cromwell and NateSac on the right side

More to come....


Get 'em while they're hot

Patrice running from a bomber

Francine (*aka* Mother of a Stewed Tomato) after a Vos flirt

Vos....check out the MAN BAG.

Cap'n Morgan with Otto


Get 'em while they're hot
GlennTheTool....Buster Hyman (again, I think) Mel and Zag

NateSac, HTG, Danny Younger Brother, Cromwell

Because everyone should have a picture of Cromwell's neck

Anthony....oh and eyebrowless Steve

[Sam Speak] Look Camera [Sam Speak]


Get 'em while they're hot
Opie will only come out if the cheers are loud enough

I'm not sure if it was said on the air but right about here Opie mentioned that if it wasn't for the proactive fans they (O&A) would most likely have been fired.

Tusslable Op

Anthony started kissing random Men and Women to thank them for their support but I was only able to catch this one.

Kenny wasn't paying attention...right here is where Zag could've snuffed Opie


Get 'em while they're hot
Although Sam was still devastated by the death of Vince, he found time to make fun of a phtographers sneakers...BTW the sneaker where those split toe nike's, the guy wearing them with no sox, it looked quite gay



Get 'em while they're hot

XM must not know O&A fans...Why would they give out these female baby doll shirts...That won't stop Wackbag's Capt 'n Morgan...i love these few pics



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RobeSoup&Tears, thanks so much for the great pictures and for (more importantly) labeling who's who. Now I know how goofy Vos and his bag look.