HitW Viewing Thread - Pac Rim 2 - 06/19/19 - 8:30 pm east


In, obviously. I watched the first half hour of this a few weeks ago and just got angry. The way I described it was that both of them feel like live action anime, but Uprising felt like anime from an entirely different genre. Mecha series are either serious to the point that the robots need entire support and technical teams and are incredibly hard to maintain and operate, or they are worlds where a little girl can build a Jaeger with scraps from a junkyard. Can't be both.


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Not sure if I'll be able to make this.

It's just a lack luster movie, poorly implemented and missed opportunities. Not complete rubbish which would be more fun.
Of course the wi fi at work crapped out and I couldn't join in. Of course.

Oh, you didn't do it yet. Good.


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@Neon let me know what time you want to start so we can have @SOS change the thread title and remove Liddy's sabotaging shenanigans.