Vince McMahon on HBO..

Vince McMahon will be making an appearance on Bob Costas' HBO show "On the Record" next week. Joining McMahon on the show will be Former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight.

This should be good its on Wednesday night at 11pm. Its not TV its HBO!!!
Can somebody tape this? Time Warner of Westchester, took my cable away...

Akane you dummy!!!!

Your local anime resident. :)


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this is a going to me a good show two of the bad boys in the sports<IMG SRC="" border=0>


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It's on wed. right?

Yeah tonight at 11pm HBO. I cant wait Vince always gives good interviews? Im also wondering what Costas is gonna ask him?
This was funny Vince was ready to kick Costas ass. He kept ripping into Vince but Costas was unprepared and didnt know his facts about the topics he was bringing up. Vince put him in his place. He would ask Vince a question and would interupt him when he tried to answer. And what the fuck is up with Costas and his speech why cant he just speak normal fucking english.


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I know bro. He was like "can i finish"?. I was like uh oh vince is gonna hit costas with a chair. It was funny when he was like "is this the bob costas interrupt vince mcmahon show"..I was cringing. funny shit

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Yeah these friggin sports freaks all think Vince is nothing. Vince is smart and can handle himself better than anyone i have ever seen in an interview. I dont like Costas that much anyway did Bob Knight choke him? Heh heh LOL


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bob costas pick the wrong peolpe to go after
vince and then bob night
Heh heh wasnt it funny when Vince was denying that there ever was a XFL Gameday show. Vince is the man.