Violence has flared in Rome - Police and demonstrators clash in Rome


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ROME | Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:18pm EDT
(Reuters) - Hundreds of hooded demonstrators clashed with police in some of the worst violence in the Italian capital for years on Saturday, setting cars on fire and breaking shop and bank windows.

Police repeatedly fired teargas and water cannons in attempts to disperse them but the clashes with hard-core demonstrators continued hours after tens of thousands of people in Rome joined a global "day of rage" against bankers and politicians.

Discontent is running high in Italy over high unemployment, political paralysis and 60 billion euros ($83 billion) of austerity measures that have raised taxes and the cost of health care.


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Even with the superstar, can they defeat this guy?



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They must have some huge student loan debts built up for that to occur.